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Eight Hundred Grapes

By Laura Dave

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Heralded as “impossible to put down” (Elle), and named a Best Book of the Summer by Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Marie Claire, and Us Weekly, Eight Hundred Grapes is a heartbreaking, funny, and deeply evocative novel about love, marriage, family, wine, and the treacherous terrain in which they all intersect.

There are secrets you share, and secrets you hide… What if your beloved fiancé, he of the crinkly smile and irresistible British accent, had kept a life-changing secret from you? And what if, just a week before your dream wedding, you discovered it?

Georgia Ford, bride-to-be, hops in her car and drives through the night, from Los Angeles to Sonoma, to her safe haven: her family, and the acclaimed family winery. Georgia craves the company of those who know her best, and whom she truly knows. Better yet, it’s the eve of the last harvest—the best time of the growing season, and Georgia knows she’ll find solace—and distraction—in the familiar rituals. But when Georgia arrives home, nothing is at all familiar. Her parents, her brothers, the family business, are all unrecognizable. It seems her fiancé isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets…

Eight Hundred Grapes is a story about the messy realities of family, the strength (and weaknesses) of romantic love, and the importance of finding a place to call home. “This winning tale will both satisfy on a literary level and encourage oenophiles to pour themselves a glass of a recent vintage to enjoy while reading; it’s a tasty treat for wine lovers and teetotalers alike” (Publishers Weekly). You won’t be able to put this “addictive” (Us Weekly) novel down.


  • Love joy knowing

    By Onioneye
    It is great to read a book that leaves you guessing but also is meaningful. Brilliant writing.
  • Family is how we learn

    By ooooooo39
    The good, the bad & the forever. Well done, bravo.
  • Thought provoking...

    By melodyve
  • Beyond excellent!!!! So good!

    By NatLeein SC
    Such a good read!
  • Great book

    By Flaming Gorge
    This book is a great read that kept me entertained from start to finish. Loved the wine country theme but the best part is about family.
  • 800 Grapes

    By Perky too
    Just ok. Predictable. Lots of dialogue. If you are a wine drinker and interested in the wine making process you might enjoy this as it was informative, otherwise it was a bit of a soap opera. I raced through about two thirds just to get it over with.
  • Loved it!

    By Fireguy77
    I wasn't sure this would be something I would enjoy but I was hooked on the first few pages. Well written with unexpected twists. Didn't want it to end!!
  • Loved it: )

    This was a great book. I truly enjoyed reading it.
  • Eight Hundred Grapes

    By Jociemama
    I loved this book, and the characters! It's time for a sequel....
  • That's it?!

    By 800Grapes
    It was a good read. But the last quarter of the book just hurried along and stopped. The ending was awful. Who does she end up with? How does the wine turn out? So many questions left unanswered.