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Borrowed Dreams

By Debbie Macomber

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One of beloved author Debbie Macomber’s classic novels, this is a poignant story of moving on and trusting the power of love.
Carly Grieves is made of strong stuff. Tough and adventurous, she journeys to the wilds of Alaska looking for a new beginning. She finds more than she bargained for in Brand St. Clair, a rugged bush pilot who stirs something primal inside Carly that shocks her with its intensity. But he’s also a man with wounds, a widower stuck in the past. Carly desires him deeply, but she can’t compete with a dead woman for a place in his heart.
From the moment she sasses him, Brand knows there’s something special about Carly. She makes him want to love again, to reach for a new kind of happiness. As much pain as he has known, he’s ready to make his own fresh start with Carly. But first, the walls she’s built have to come down. Now Brand won’t give up until he convinces Carly that the biggest risk of her life is actually the safest move she could make: loving him.

BONUS: This edition includes excerpts from Debbie Macomber's Last One Home and The Inn at Rose Harbor.
Published by Debbie Macomber Books


  • Borrowed Dreams

    By Katz mom 21
    Great book. I loved it. Why do we get it in our heads, that we don't deserve to be happy? Why do we think it's for everyone else. I never thought this couple would make it. She really had the attitude his late wife still ran the home and his life. I really recommend this. Enjoy it.
  • Me

    By Mceester
    Love the story but didn't like the graphic details of their love life. Unnecessary. Probably won't purchase more books just because I don't know which ones are clean and which ones are not. 😁
  • Readers Beware

    By Jolie Skye
    I bought this thinking it was a new book by Debbie Macomber: unfortunately it is a an effort from her early years _a story with a painfully repetative theme and none of the charm of her current novels. This discourages one from purchasing DM books in future. Such a shame to publish such unpolished work.