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The Lady Most Willing...

By Julia Quinn, Eloisa James & Connie Brockway

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From Julia Quinn, the author of Bridgerton—along with close friends and bestselling authors Eloisa James and Connie Brockway—comes a thrilling tale of  a snow-bound party in a Scottish castle.

And You’re Invited!

When Laird Taran Ferguson’s nephews refuse to find brides, he takes matters into his own hands, raiding a ball and bringing some lovely young ladies to his castle. Which author do you think escorted which heroine to the castle?
Miss Fiona Chisholm, a beauty with a scandalous past Lady Cecily Tarleton, a lovely heiress—but she’s English Miss Catriona Burns, a lady with no name or fortune, so clearly someone made a mistake!
When it comes to gentlemen, did Eloisa invite an earl so stern that he broke his engagement after a mere whiff of scandal? Did Connie suggest that the Duke of Bretton fall asleep in the carriage used in a kidnapping? Did Julia bring a rogue whose reputation proceeds him?

A novel in three parts, as fresh and charming as the Highland air, written by three of the very best writers of historical romance. 


  • The lady most willing

    By patty@ray
    The authors should be ashamed. This is one of the worst story I have ever read. The characters had no depth. The plot was nonexistent. DO NOT waste your money reading this book.
  • Hilarious

    By wxangel
    If you are looking for great fun to warm your heart, this book shows the best humor of all 3 authors :)
  • Reluctant to like but loved the stories All the same!

    By Amandakissandtell
    Thought this was a collection of novellas but to my great surprise it really wasn't and it was a romp!
  • The Lady Most Willing

    By Genevieve 1963
    This was a fun entertaining book. I had never read any of the three authors before but I really enjoyed the story and the humor in the story.
  • Confused

    By Minnie mouth
    Purchased and unable to down load stuck on paused
  • Fun!

    By Akanae
    One of my favorite so far :)
  • Entertaining

    By Edna W
    Imagine Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in Scotland. A fun read!