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The Next Accident

By Lisa Gardner

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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A desperate manhunt ensues for a killer who preys upon his victims’ minds—just before he claims their lives—in this blockbuster novel from #1 bestselling author Lisa Gardner.

What do you do when a killer targets the people you love the most? When he knows how to make them vulnerable? When he knows the same about you?

These are the questions that haunt FBI Special Agent Pierce Quincy. The police say his daughter’s death was an accident. Quincy will risk everything to learn the truth—and there’s only one person willing to help. Ex-cop Rainie Connor had once been paired professionally—and personally—with the brilliant FBI profiler. He helped her through the darkest days of her life.

Now it’s time for Rainie to return the favor. But this killer is like none these two hard-boiled pros have ever encountered. This twisted psychopath has an insatiable hunger for revenge...and for fear. As the clock ticks down to one unspeakably intimate act of vengeance, the only way Rainie can unmask this killer is to step directly in his murderous path. She will become a murder waiting to happen. She will be . . . the next accident.


  • The Next Accident

    By Halsterx
    4/5 stars
  • This Series Stinks

    By Pizza eater 47
    I read one dreadful book in this series. I gave the author credit and read another. I found this one dreadful as well. These characters just don't work. They're too unbelievable. In the beginning this book was ok. The further I read into it the worse it became until I was skipping pages just to get it over with. After three books in this series I give up. I'm not sure I will even read other books by the author.
  • One of Gardner's Best, but......

    By Sue Whalen
    Fast paced, good plot, interesting characters. But that switch of characters in the final chapter? Nope, doesn't work. Oregon Sheriff Luke Hayes could not assume FBI Supervisory Special Agent Quincy's identity, wig and expert makeup notwithstanding, and fool another agent who knows him well. What about voice tone and inflections? mannerisms? Facial expressions? Would never fly. The wrap ups in Gardner's stories keep me not giving the 5-star ratings which her books otherwise deserve.
  • Amazing!

    By CharlieBarr
    I loved this book! I could not put it down. Once I read one of Lisa Gardner's books, I bought them all! She is amazing!
  • Pretty good....

    By Lenox252
    The premise of The Next Accident is great although at times, pretty unbelievable even for a thriller. For some reason it's hard to "like" Rainie's personality & attitude in this story, but the rest of the characters make the book worth reading. On to Lisa Gardner's next book-I've LOVED all the ones I've read up until this particular one.
  • Awesome story

    By KitDuluCa
    Really enjoyed this book! A total page turner, suspenseful, and well worth the read. Excellent story that kept you guessing at every turn.