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By C. J. Box

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Joe Pickett’s pursuit of a killer through the rugged mountains of Wyoming takes a horrifying turn when his beloved foster daughter is kidnapped in this thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

It's an hour away from darkness, a bitter winter storm is raging, and Joe Pickett is deep in the forest edging Battle Mountain, shotgun in his left hand, his truck's detached steering wheel handcuffed to his right—and Lamar Gardiner's arrow-riddled corpse splayed against the tree in front of him. Lamar's murder and the sudden onslaught of the snowstorm warn: Get off the mountain. But Joe knows this episode is far from over. And when his own daughter gets caught up in his hunt for the killer, Joe will stop at nothing to get her back...


  • Winterkill

    By Robin Bird flower
    Always a great read
  • Great read.

    By HMSEM
    I really enjoyed it. Interesting till the end
  • Loved it

    By GrandfatherOne
    Best in the series so far. Couldn’t put it down.
  • Could not put it down!

    By Brunetta4u
    Such a captivating series! I love the west but had no real interest in reading about it until now. Typically a historical fiction reader, this is a welcomed change! Just can't put this series down!
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    By yyighyogyvygv
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  • Winterhill is terrific

    By JerryB43
    Totally enjoyed this story front to back. I especially enjoy the way you weave facts about the animals/ birds within the adstory. Can't ewait to read your next one!
  • Great read

    By ShocDoc
    Definitely at thriller from start to finish. New turns keep you guessing and pulling for the realistic hero. 5 stars
  • Winterkill

    By fumblenot
    Wonderful! CJ Box does it again with Joe Pickett ! I look forward to all Box books.
  • 👍

    By MrsMolette
    Great book,
  • One of the best

    By sleekpete
    This is definitely one of the best books vie ever read. I highly recommend it