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Out of Range

By C. J. Box

  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Books
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Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is about to become the hunted in this suspenseful thriller in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

When a good friend and fellow warden kills himself, Joe Pickett is chosen to temporarily run his Teton district. But Jackson, Wyoming, is a far cry from Joe's hometown of Saddlestring—and it doesn't help that now Joe feels compelled to investigate  the circumstances surrounding his friend's suicide. But as he comes closer to the truth, the more his own life spirals out of control—and he realizes if he isn't careful, he may be Jackson's next victim...


  • Out of range

    By applebobr
    Good read
  • Out of Range

    By Plano skywatcher
    As usual, excellent! Great story telling, and enjoyable to read!
  • Awesome

    By Ndfan12000
    FAST PACED. Good read!
  • Love CJ Box books

    By bandit2244
    Dun to see the main character Joe Picket keep going.
  • Riveting

    By Fish Hands
    The stories of Joe Pickett are some of the best reads around. They are intelligent and thought provoking.
  • The best so far

    By Peekopakanko
    I'm reading these CJ Box - Joe Pickett novels in the order they were written, and by this novel Joe has matured in himself and exhibits less trepidation and impulsiveness. It was a quick read and the side story focused on Nate and Marybeth was clear and interesting. There was less of the world against Joe and more believable beaureaucratic and political interaction. There was a scene where Joe interacted with an outfitter that felt earthy and authentic and I was glad to see Joe step away from his usual by the book methods and attempt to incorporate some interpretation of all the facts into his decisions.
  • Always great

    By Lalj
    I've read the first 4 books in a row ,average reading time is 2.3 days.. What a great talent in producing normal people who we all can root for
  • Out of Range - AWESOME!

    By Todd_M_Peterson
    Just when I think these "Pickett" books can't get any better. C. J. Box hits it out of the park! Out of Range takes it to a new level! My favorite book so far... At least until I read the next "Joe Pickett" novel...
  • Anything by CJ Box is fabulous...since I visited Wyoming and surrounding areas I can appreciate the

    By fumblenot
    Surrounding areas I appreciate the descriptions of a beautiful state!
  • Authenticity

    By Ditchdoctor
    Having spent time in Wyoming, I find C.J. Box to be someone who has probably done the same. And he must love it as much as I. He writes with authority and authenticity. Mr. Box was recommended to me by an acquaintance and I am extremely glad he did. I have been reading through his collection and can't wait to start the next book. Everything he writes about Wyoming and it's people ring absolutely true. He captures the wilderness, and it's ruggedness and otherworldliness, with beautiful clarity. Joe picket and his family are brought to life with simplicity and realism. I feel I know them personally. Joe, as depicted, is the kind of man who should be respected and admired. Mr. Box has created a classic character. I wish I was more like him. READ ANYTHING BY C.J. BOX.