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By Julia Quinn

  • Genre: Historical, Books, Romance, Romantic Comedy
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It takes a minx to tempt a rogue...Beautiful and feisty Henrietta Barrett has never followed the dictates of society. She manages her elderly guardian′s estate, prefers to wear breeches rather than dresses, and answers to the unlikely name of Henry. But when her guardian passes away, her beloved home falls into the hands of a distant cousin.

And it takes a rogue to tame her...William Dunford, London′s most elusive bachelor, is stunned to learn that he′s inherited property, a title...and a ward bent on making his first visit his last. Henry is determined to continue running the Cornwall estate without help from the handsome new lord, but Dunford is just as sure he can change things...starting with his wild young ward. But turning Henry into a lady makes her not only the darling of the town, but an irresistible attraction to the man who thought he could never be tempted.


  • My Favorite Julia Quinn Novel

    By Duran2Girl
    I loved the characters’ personalities, chemistry, and the storyline. I wish the novel was a few hundred pages longer.
  • Minx

    By kimbycough
    Sweet and lovely! A fun read.
  • Loved it

    By Morobles321
    I think of these set of books my favorite is this one I like dunford
  • Not as good as others

    By Mo P
    I really didn’t like this as much as the Bridgerton series. I found the heroine to be naive to the point of idiotic, and lacking in emotional intelligence. Sad, because at the beginning she had such spunk.
  • Boring

    By Atlz3
    Ms Quinn phoned this one in. Henrietta Henry hen is apply named fowl of a missish pants wearing young lady. Lord Dunford more apply name Lord Dullsford shouldn't have rake status and he doesn't have the brains of a pen hen. I've enjoyed a few other of ms Quinn's books but this one is flat.
  • Great romance!

    By Maritza Colon
    Awesome read!