Kiss of Fyre: Alien Dragon Shifters Complete Series - Cara Bristol by  Cara Bristol PDF Download

Kiss of Fyre: Alien Dragon Shifters Complete Series

By Cara Bristol

  • Genre: Paranormal, Books, Romance, Short Stories
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Sparks fly and passions ignite in a dangerous kiss of fyre. Get the complete Alien Dragon Shifters series in one binge-worthy boxed set.

Under Fyre
To save Earth from destruction, an unsuspecting Rhianna Montclair is sent to become the concubine of an alien dragon shifter prince. The last thing Prince K’ev desires is a human female, but his inner dragon insists she’s their mate.

Line of Fyre
To escape political assassination and to right a past wrong, Helena Marshfield becomes the consort of an alien dragon shifter. But when she meets Draconian Prince T’mar, their passionate union draws them both into the line of fyre.

Playing with Fyre
After the loss of her child, dragoness O’ne devotes her life to service to the sacred fyre, quiet contemplation, and duty. But when the mostly human Henry Winslow arrives on planet Draco, he awakens desires she’d assumed were dead. Will she follow her duty or play with fyre?