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Insights on Successful Leadership

By Rick Renner

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Helpful advice for those who are leaders and for those who long to become leaders...
With every promotion comes greater responsibility and bigger challenges. If you are one of those whom God has called to be a leader, you probably know the truth of that statement only too well. But here is the good news: Even in the midst of the challenges that all leaders inevitably face, you can always know what to do, how to respond, and what direction to take.
Drawing on his own extensive experience as a leader, author Rick Renner has filled this little book with his own thought-provoking quotes on leadership, coupling each one with a pertinent and powerful scripture. So if you are a leader with important decisions to make or difficulties to overcome, let the simple wisdom mirrored in these pages inspire and help you along the way. Settle for nothing less than becoming the kind of leader God has called you to be!