Shadow: Alien Castaways 4 (Intergalactic Dating Agency) - Cara Bristol by  Cara Bristol PDF Download

Shadow: Alien Castaways 4 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

By Cara Bristol

  • Genre: Paranormal, Books, Romance
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Their love demands the ultimate sacrifice.

Tragedy sends clairvoyant Mandy Ellison to seek refuge in the small town of Argent. Her ESP failed her, and now she’s closing her eyes to the second sight forever. Until Shadow, an alien from planet ‘Topia, comes into her healing and wellness center with a request. Will she help him find a mate?

Time is running out for Shadow. His genetics have been programmed with a self-destruct sequence. If he doesn’t bond with a genmate, a female carrying the same mating gene, he eventually will fade from existence. The new clairvoyant in town is his last desperate hope, if she agrees to help him.

But what is an alien to do when attraction leads to love, especially when every indication shows Mandy is not his genmate? Will Mandy find him a mate, hand him over to another woman, and save his life—or will Shadow decide love is worth dying for?


  • The heart is wiser than the head

    By Arieslady52
    As a Vaporian, Shadow is an alien with an expiration date. If he remains unmated, his voluntary ability to vaporize becomes involuntary, and ultimately irreversible. This version of an alien romance is a little on the angsty side - he meets a woman and fall in love, but when his mating glands don’t react he’s certain she can’t be his one and only! In a last ditch attempt to search for a mate he leaves his brothers and his human lover behind. OOOPS!! Big mistake! But is his solution going to work, or will he just fade away first? Good story, sympathetic characters, and a skin-of-the-teeth HEA ending.
  • Amazing story!

    By eks-bookworm
    I loved this story! I have been looking forward to reading Shadow’s story from the beginning of this series. I couldn’t put it down. I was caught up in the story from the first page. Mandy has come to Argent looking for a new start. She has turned her back on her gift after something bad happened. Shadow knows that his time is running out to find his genmate. He doesn’t believe that his mate is on Earth so he looking to go back into space to try to find her. His friends aren’t ready to give up yet and send him to Mandy. Once she hears his story, she knows that she needs to try to help him out. From the beginning, they were attracted to each other but his mating glands never swelled. They decide that until she finds his mate or he has to go back into space, they will spend time together. What will happen when the week is over? Will he stay with her or leave? I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • This hits the spot for me!

    By Jannie3381
    I am really enjoying this series. The aliens are each unique: different in appearance and abilities, but share traits in common. Shadow, however, is the only one of his brotherhood whose existence is in peril. Mandy is quite an interesting character. She has skills unusual for many humans that, I believe, make her a more compatible with our alien castaways. I love that she’s older, not in freshly out of her teens. It is thrilling to see these two take risks, living in the moment. The rewards are awesome! I heartily recommend Shadow, and the rest of the series to those who love science fiction romance!