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Frankly, We Did Win This Election

By Michael C. Bender

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Michael C. Bender, senior White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal, presents a deeply reported account of the 2020 presidential campaign that details how Donald J. Trump became the first incumbent in three decades to lose reelection—and the only one whose defeat culminated in a violent insurrection. 

Beginning with President Trump’s first impeachment and ending with his second, FRANKLY, WE DID WIN THIS ELECTION chronicles the inside-the-room deliberations between Trump and his campaign team as they opened 2020 with a sleek political operation built to harness a surge of momentum from a bullish economy, a unified Republican Party, and a string of domestic and foreign policy successes—only to watch everything unravel when fortunes suddenly turned.

With first-rate sourcing cultivated from five years of covering Trump in the White House and both of his campaigns, Bender brings readers inside the Oval Office, aboard Air Force One, and into the front row of the movement’s signature mega-rallies for the story of an epic election-year convergence of COVID, economic collapse, and civil rights upheaval—and an unorthodox president’s attempt to battle it all. 

Fresh interviews with Trump, key campaign advisers, and senior administration officials are paired with an exclusive collection of internal campaign memos, emails, and text messages for scores of never-before-reported details about the campaign. 

FRANKLY, WE DID WIN THIS ELECTION is the inside story of how Trump lost, and the definitive account of his final year in office that draws a straight line from the president’s repeated insistence that he would never lose to the deadly storming of the U.S. Capitol that imperiled one of his most loyal lieutenants—his own vice president.


  • Excellent account of Trump’s final year

    By mrigdon
    A well-written, objective, and fact-based account of Trump’s tumultuous final year. It’s written by an author who holds (or held) good standing in Trump world including with Trump himself, and is employed by a publication known for its objectivity.
  • Good. . .

    By EarlOfAH
    But not as good as I, Alone Can Fix It. Notwithstanding some of the same info, this book seemed to want to tell the abridged version, which is fine, but was also choppy. Jumping back and forth can be a bit confusion. Nevertheless, it was a good book.
  • Great Book!

    By queenmimileigh
    Very interesting, fast paced and insightful look at the last days of the chaotic Trump campaign and election!
  • Pathetic liberals

    By 2018211316 231514
    Have nothing better but to make money of Trumps name. The most corrupt president was not Trump. Everything you think you know about what he did “wrong” game from your daily programming on social and mainstream media. Keep on your wrong path, you might even think the Capitol Visit was some sort of Riot or insurrection. Do you even know what the definition of Insurrection is? Jesus H Christ. I thought long ago there were smarter people than myself. Now I realize how much more common sense and intelligence I truly have. The entire left is deranged and too far gone.
  • Lies

    By brittanybene
    The Jan 6 “insurrection” was a flaming false flag event. Everything about it was planned and made to look like something it was not. Pelosi along with her foot soldiers, John Sullivan and Antifa, and clearly the capitol police, set it all up. Come on, man!
  • Weak Details and Poorly Organized

    By Jclizzy0234
    first and foremost I loath Trump with everything in my soul. This book is frankly a disorganized dumpster fire with little details not already widely known as they happened. It seems the crime family used author, so many situations were glossed over.
  • It was ok.

    By This looks good!!!
    It spent too much time on the run up to the election and too little time on the insurrection.
  • The cure for cancer is to read the book

    By Inda Pendent
    Book released: July 13, 2021 320 pages First critical review: July 14, 2021 I’ve always wanted to be a speed reader myself. Second review: Not a review, I average only about 40 pages a night. It will take me over a week to read if I can keep up the pace. I’ll give 4 stars because the site requires a rating, but based on the The Bulwark Podcast with the WSJ author, i wouldn’t be surprised that it will be a very good read. Can’t wait to dive in.
  • Truth hurts

    By Gibby in OH
    Good insight into the most corrupt, anti American president in the history of the United States.
  • This book gave me cancer

    By muzicmiester
    What a crock of poop. Violent insurrection? Then what is Portland