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Playing with Fyre

By Cara Bristol

  • Genre: Paranormal, Books, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Fantasy
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A forbidden love forged by fyre…

Former Secret Service agent Henry Winslow comes to planet Draco to help a friend. He intends to return to Earth, but something about the mysterious woman in bridal white grabs him and won’t let him go. It’s a crazy, futile infatuation. She’s an alien dragoness, a priestess, and possibly literally, divine. To pursue her would be playing with fyre…

After a devastating loss, dragon-shifter O’ne seeks vengeance at the temple of the Eternal Fyre.

Unexpectedly, she is exalted to priestess and bonded to the sacred flame, transforming her life to one of duty and devotion. Then Henry arrives, and the mostly human man awakens her secret yearnings. To have anything to do with him would be playing with fyre…
Surrendering to temptation and passion, Henry and O’ne are about to discover when they play with fyre they might get burned.

Don’t miss the fiery conclusion to the Alien Dragon Shifter series. Playing with Fyre can be read as a standalone, but the series is best read in order: Under Fyre, Line of Fyre, and Playing with Fyre.


  • Dragon fyre

    By madhatter603
    This is he story of O’ne. It is an adventure as well as a heartwarming storyline that will keep you hooked until the end. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • Hot volcanic planet, even hotter Dragon romance

    By Arieslady52
    Earth and Drago are still at odds. The two planets coexist in an atmosphere of hair-trigger animosity, and the rogue human responsible has not been apprehended. The dragons, lead by their Priestess, are abandoning their cooling planet for one more hospitable (meaning volcanically active) to them. But the Priestess is conflicted - her heart is no longer in service to the Eternal Fyre she carries within, but if she fails to fulfill her duty the Fyre will be extinguished, and all dragon kind with it. Her heart lies now with a human, Henry - one who possesses the faintest of dragon fyres within him yet is not one of her descendants. Interplanetary tensions are hot, evil still dogs the dragons in their new home, and Henry, the object of the Priestess' deepest longing, somehow can't manage to keep his promise to let her go... Thank the Fyres! Sorrow looms, but the bond between Henry and Priestess O'ne is the ultimate catalyst for the renewal of dragon life in their new world. Against all odds, peace is granted to their planet, and to Earth, and an unbelievably glorious HEA awaits . I read through this book in one sitting, loving every angsty, suspenseful twist and turn, and arrived at the end happy for the H and h, but sad to say farewell to this fiery world of dragons. Yes, the is the end of the series, but writer Cara Bristol has more strange new worlds and more hot love stories in her future - and ours! This is a voluntary ARC review.
  • More fascinating fyre!

    By Jannie3381
    This series has been excellent, and this book is no exception! I find O’ne intriguing, and Henry a unique counterpoint to her. He, alone, is not afraid of her. It seems as if happiness may be very short term, but so many things transpire, that the situation is unpredictable. You will find mysteries, thrills, heinous deeds, retribution, and a divine romance. I couldn’t ask for better!