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A Little Bit of Hot

By Elle Kennedy

  • Genre: Contemporary, Books, Romance, Military
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A sexy short story from New York Times and international bestselling author Elle Kennedy! Book 5.5 in the Out of Uniform series.

Getting dirty? He’s down with that.

At twenty-eight, Jackson Ramsey is more than ready for marriage and a couple of rugrats. Instead, his SEAL teammates have all found love, while he’s still playing the field. When his friends offer to set him up, Jackson figures what the hell? It’s not as if he has anything to lose, right?

But the one woman he has sparks with—his neighbor’s smart, sassy, green-eyed gardener—wants nothing to do with him. Luckily, a Navy SEAL knows a thing or two about the art of pursuit…

Warning: Prequel to Out of Uniform Book 6. This very short freebie does not include a happily ever after. Be prepared to commiserate with a sexy SEAL on his journey for love. But don’t worry—he’ll find it soon in As Hot As It Gets!