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Benedetti Mafia Family

By Natasha Knight

  • Genre: Suspense, Books, Romance, Mysteries & Thrillers, New Adult
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This set contains Killian: a Dark Mafia Romance and Giovanni: a Dark Mafia Romance. These two full-length standalone novels are spinoffs of the Benedetti Brothers core trilogy of books.

Killian: a Dark Mafia Romance

The Beast had Belle.
Killian Black has me. 

How I got here doesn’t matter, even though he says it does. Says it was my choice. He doesn’t get it, though. It wasn’t ever a choice for me. 

And now, he’s changing the rules. 

The agreement was one month. For thirty days, I’d be his. He’s no longer satisfied with my body alone, though. He wants my soul, too. Wants every part of me. 

And even though I can pretend I’m safe when I lie beneath him, this man does something to me. Something wicked. 

A thing that will break me. 

Giovanni: a Dark Mafia Romance

I didn’t know who Giovanni Santa Maria was the night I walked into my apartment to find him sitting in my chair drinking my whiskey while his men stood sentry. I didn’t need to know to understand he was dangerous.

But he knows who I am and he needs something from me. 
Something I can’t give him. 

I’m a cartel princess. But my family was betrayed, the cartel toppled. And I’m not supposed to be alive. 

Giovanni finding me means my enemies will find me too. But I’ve caught his attention and he wants more than my secrets. 

I’ll fight him. I have to. 
But he’s a man used to getting what he wants and what he wants is me.

*Killian: a Dark Mafia Romance was originally titled as Captive Beauty.