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No Reason to Trust

By Tess Gerritsen & Barb Han

  • Genre: Suspense, Books, Romance, Contemporary
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Risking it all for the truth

Never Say Die by New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen

Twenty years after her father’s plane crashed in the jungles of Southeast Asia, Willy Jane Maitland is finally tracking his last moves. Her search for the truth is the only thing that matters, and she’ll need the help of ex-army officer Guy Barnard. But what she couldn’t have prepared for are the shocking secrets and undeniable attraction she must face.


Witness Protection by USA TODAY bestselling author Barb Han

US marshal Nick Campbell's life is a lie. But when a devastating explosion nearly kills Sadie Brooks, the one woman who can put away a murderer, only the truth will keep her alive. To protect his witness, Nick has to gain her trust. But soon he's torn between breaking every boundary for a life with her…or breaking her heart and letting her go.

New York Times Bestselling Author Tess Gerritsen

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Barb Han

Previously published as Never Say Die and Witness Protection