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Psy: Alien Castaways 3 (Intergalactic Dating Agency)

By Cara Bristol

  • Genre: Paranormal, Books, Romance, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Science Fiction
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Locked in a prison of silence…

Cassie Steward has not spoken a word. Ever. A congenital birth defect robbed her of the ability to speak. Craving independence from her overprotective, well-meaning mother, she gets a job at the antique store in their small town. Yet, the fact remains she’ll always need to write notes to communicate.

Then she meets Psy, an alien with telepathic abilities. From the moment his mind touches hers, the universe seems within her grasp, and she envisions fulfilling all her dreams with Psy at her side.

Soon after encountering the beautiful, shy Cassie, Psy realizes she’s his genmate. It doesn’t matter she can’t talk—he loves her as she is. But as their telepathic connection deepens, he begins to suspect her inability to speak is more than a congenital happenstance.
Something far more sinister appears to be keeping her a virtual prisoner.

He’s certain his psychic powers can unlock the secrets in Cassie’s mind. But will revealing the truth liberate her…or destroy their bond?

* * * *
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  • Psy Review. Not very good

    By Ozmee
    This could have been much better. It’s short, the sexual interaction is poorly expressed and lacks body.
  • Speechless

    By monda1001
    For someone who can not talk it must be a welcome relief when you find out that you have telepathic abilities to communicate. Pay is able to hold a intriguing conversations with Cassie. But is she holding secrets or is just unable to communicate medically instead mentally. If Psy is so into her will he invade her privacy to show his love or let it go ? No cliff interesting and page turning story. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • What's so great about peace, love, and understanding?

    By Arieslady52
    Everything! Psy features an alien castaway with telepathic talents and a human woman whose selective amnesia and inability to speak have made her an isolated soul craving acceptance and understanding. You can see the potential here... Credit goes to Cara Bristol for walking the fine line between sympathy and pity as she imbues her heroine with spunk and strength equal to her handicaps. Points also for writing her hero, Psy, as respectfully empathetic rather than condescendingly intent on "fixing" his genmate. I loved these two; their actions and emotions felt so real, their relationship was beautiful, and if the ending seemed a little on the fairy-tale side, just know that with these two the journey matters far more than the destination. It's a lovely, sweet, feel-good book, and this is a voluntary ARC review.
  • Breaking the silence

    By veteran Rising
    What a fitting story for Psy’s HEA! The author really outdid herself with the emotions she brought to this book and her characters. I love that these two connected right away and how Psy was able to give her a freedom she never knew. The family is growing with each book and enriching the lives of each of the characters. This book really had a completely unexpected HEA in more ways than one and I can’t wait to see more of this couple in future books. I know he is not part of the crew, but I hope the author is planning on writing Mysk’s story. He is such a pivotal side character and deserves his own HEA.
  • Loved this story!

    By eks-bookworm
    I loved this story. I didn’t want it to end. I was caught up in the action from the first page. I loved how Cassie and Psy were able to communicate. Psy is one of the castaways who are making Earth their new home. He feels drawn to Cassie one day and discovers that she is unable to speak. They are able to communicate using their minds. This changes Cassie’s world. She tries to make the most out of her life but sometimes it’s hard. Will they discover some secrets in her mind and find a chance at happiness? I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
  • An excellent story!

    By Jannie3381
    I’m really enjoying this Alien Castaways series. I love the diversity of the aliens, their different looks and abilities. Of all these we’ve met, Psy, the Verital, has an ability that has such potential for abuse. I guess what I mean is that this one scares me the most. The idea of being manipulated into behaving in an abnormal way is repugnant. Psy, however, is not that kind of person. Cassie’s inability to speak often makes her frustrated. I love seeing Psy help her blossom through the use of telepathy (permission is asked). Their story is sweet, thrilling, with the discovery of horrendous deeds that could change their lives. Very exciting reading!