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By Helene Tursten & Marlaine Delargy

  • Genre: Women Sleuths, Books, Mysteries & Thrillers, Police Procedural
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When a new lead breaks in the cold case that has long haunted Swedish Detective Inspector Embla Nyström, the truth she’s been seeking about her best friend’s disappearance may finally be revealed—if it doesn’t kill her first.

One winter night, 28-year-old Detective Inspector Embla Nyström receives a phone call that sends her reeling. It’s been fourteen years since her best friend disappeared from a nightclub in Gothenburg, but Embla recognizes her voice before the call abruptly disconnects. Embla is thrilled to learn Lollo is still alive, but before she can dive into the case, she gets another phone call—this time from a relative. A man has been found shot dead in one of the guest houses he and his wife manage in rural Sweden. Could she come take a look?

When Embla arrives on the scene, she receives another shock. The dead man is Milo Stavic, a well-known gang member and one of the last people seen with Lollo. And, as Embla soon learns, the same night that Milo was shot in the guest house, his brother Luca was also killed. Why, after all these years, is someone targeting the Stavic brothers, and where is the third brother? With help from a handsome local detective and his police dog in training, Embla launches an investigation into the three Stavic brothers, hoping it will bring her closer to finally finding Lollo and putting an end to her terrible nightmares.


  • Snowdrift

    By Artymusician
    I love reading this author’s books. I really like the returning characters, but did not like Lollo or the criminals she associated with. Of course, she had a tough childhood, but leaving her best friend “hanging” and tortured with nightmares and feelings of guilt for years was unforgivable. The book was a little convoluted with too many story lines, characters, and unbelievable shootouts that left only minor injuries sustained by the good guys. I skipped the extremely violent parts. The hunting parts are also difficult to read, and the explanation to a 9 year old for killing animals was self serving. I hope to see more of Olle and Tore and less of Lollo in future books.
  • Not very good- should have borrowed it from library

    By Georwc
    The book started off good but once I got 3/4 through it started to get hard to follow. The protagonists were goodf and Irene Huss appears in the middle of the book. Ending in my opinion was confusing and not very satisying.. I probably would not buy the next book in this series and maybe borrow it instead from the library.