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In Defense of Papyrus

By David Kadavy

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In 2009, director James Cameron set the typography world on fire, by using the Papyrus font for the logo of his movie, Avatar.

Type snobs the world over were outraged. Even Ryan Gosling spoke out about the issue, through a hilarious (and horrifying) SNL skit.

Why would a movie with a $280 million budget not only use a font that ships free on nearly every computer on the planet – but that also happens to be the world's second-most-hated font?

For a decade, nobody could make sense of it. Until now.

In In Defense of Papyrus, former type snob and design commentator David Kadavy (author of Design for Hackers) finally formulates a coherent explanation of why the Papyrus font was used in the international blockbuster, Avatar.

For the first time ever, Kadavy breaks down why type snobs hate Papyrus. You'll be shocked to learn about Papyrus's deceptively solid fundamentals. You'll be dismayed to find out Papyrus's one, giant, shortcoming. Your sense of reality will be shattered as you discover how that one shortcoming is exactly what makes James Cameron's choice of Papyrus one of the most briliant font choices of the century.

Download now, and read this short read on the comfort of your favorite e-reader. That is, if civilization doesn't collapse first.