Jaded Hollow: The Complete Collection - Alex Grayson by  Alex Grayson PDF Download

Jaded Hollow: The Complete Collection

By Alex Grayson

  • Genre: Suspense, Books, Romance, Contemporary, Gay & Lesbian
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Now you can get the entire Jaded Hollow Series in ONE Complete Collection!

Dark memories, horrific events, brutal kidnappings, and heartbreaking lies and deceit. Welcome to Jaded Hollow, where you'll learn just how jaded love can be.

Bailey's running from her abusive past, while Jaxon stops at nothing to save her from the terrifying monster committed on destroying her. – Beautifully Tragic, Book One

Mia loathes the very sight of Mac. He carries secrets that could unravel everything she once believed. – Wickedly Betrayed, Book Two

Andrew holds something very dear to his heart, but hasn't told a soul. Jase swoops in and lights his world on fire. – Wildly Captivated, Book Three

Nick's world is dark and his heart is dead. Chris is determined to bring him back to life and give him the love he deserves. – Perfectly Tragic, Book Four

Join these four couples in their small cozy town and discover if love prevails all, or if it's just another jaded emotion, intent on sucking the life out of everyone it touches.

Intended for readers 18 years and older due to strong language, sexual content, and trigger type material.

***The is titled was previously published as The Jaded Series: The Complete Collection***