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By Catherine Coulter

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From “one of the bonafide rock stars of the thriller genre” (The Real Book Spy) comes another tour de force in the #1 New York Times bestselling FBI Thriller series following agents Savich and Sherlock as they stumble into a bizarre case that’s more complicated and twisted than any they’ve ever encountered.

On a Tuesday afternoon, Agent Sherlock is driving in downtown Washington when her Volvo is suddenly T-boned at an intersection. As her car spins out of control, a man’s body slams against her windshield and then—blackness. When she finally regains consciousness in the hospital, she’s told about the accident and the man she struck. No one knows yet who he is or where he is because he ran away. From DNA, they discover his name is Justice Cummings and he’s a CIA analyst at Langley…and he’s still missing.

Meanwhile, in the small town of Gaffer’s Ridge, Virginia, Special Agent Griffin Hammersmith rescues a kidnapped woman claiming her captor had probably murdered three missing teenage girls. However, the man she accuses is the local sheriff’s nephew and a member of a very powerful family, reputed to have psychic powers. When the sheriff arrests Griffin and the rescued woman, Carson DaSilva, he calls Savich for help. Together they have to weave their way through a labyrinth of lies to find the truth of a terrible secret.

“If there’s one thing that readers can count on in a Coulter novel it is that she always delivers amazingly eerie and complex thrillers” (RT Book Reviews), and Labyrinth is no different. With white-knuckled pacing and shocking twists and turns, this is another electrifying novel that will sink its teeth in you.


  • Dunno why I read it

    By liberteabelle
    I knew better! Poor dialogue, no character development, cheesy plot lines.
  • Skipping to end does NOT count as finished....

    By booksoveranything
    Your review means NOTHING - u can’t call a book “finished” when u just skipped to the, thx but no thx for called Review :( Duh.
  • Great Book, likability is higher than current rating

    By Employee on time
    Must read the whole novel before giving an opinion, though instantly engaging. Reading only 6 chapters, moving to the last chapter only, and marking “finished!”, is not a fair critique of any book. This takes away from the readers’ first impression, judging a book by it’s anonymous review, and causes financial harm with one button, “send”. Great read!
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  • Labyrinth

    By F4Z4A4M4
    Really enjoyed the Labyrinth by Catherine Coulter.
  • So disappointing

    By dvreads
    I usually enjoy Catherine Coulter books, especially the Savich and Sherlock series, but this book was the exception. I quit reading at Chapter 6 and went to the end, not because I was interested in the ending, but because I wanted to mark it “finished”. This book pushed the limit on fictional reality and was too formulated. Wish I hadn’t purchased it and most likely won’t buy another one.