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Shamelessly Bare

By Alex Grayson

  • Genre: Erotica, Books, Fiction & Literature, Romance, Contemporary, Suspense
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My name is Tegan Zander, and I like to expose myself.

No, I don't go around whipping out my junk for just anyone. I'm a bit more discreet than that—barely.

I like to be watched with my partner, whoever the lucky lady might be.

I like knowing someone else is in the room, getting off on what we're doing.

This is my sexual vice, and I'm not ashamed of it.

What I don't like? Relationships.

Living my best bachelor life leaves little room for being tied down to one woman.

Until I made the mistake of assuming Willow Bennett was just some woman.

We met on the side of the road, and I assisted her in more ways than one. I did my good deed, kissed her sweet lips, and walked away, never expecting to see her again.

Lucky for me, I was wrong.

She didn't know it yet, but she was going to be my newest plaything.

I couldn't wait to expose her too, showing her just how good it could be to lose her inhibitions.

But with this girl, I'm not just exposed...I'm shamelessly bare.

DISCLAIMER: This title was previously published as Bare Yourself. The content is the same. Only the title, cover, and blurb has changed.