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For The Brave

By Holly Bush

  • Genre: Historical, Books, Romance
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1869 – Matthew Gentry joined the Confederate Army at eighteen years of age after an argument with his father, leaving Paradise, his Virginia home and famed horse breeding stables, for the fields of Gettysburg.  Having survived the War Between the States, Gentry is haunted by the violence and inhumanity of the war. He continues to roam the country long after the conflict is over, finding solace in the arms of soiled doves and at the bottom of whiskey bottles. Finally, traveling home after learning of a family tragedy, he nearly loses his life in a spring-flooded riverbed.
Annie Campbell, lone survivor of her family, lives at a remote farm near the North River, raising pigs and trying to grow enough to feed herself and stay out of the cross hairs of the Thurmans, violent men who run the town of Bridgewater. Annie’s secrets threaten her safety, even as she rescues and nurses Matthew Gentry.
Gentry reluctantly leaves, knowing there is some danger afoot for Annie, but not fully understanding the history between the Thurman family and the Campbell’s, leaving her to face danger alone. Matthew’s head leads him home to Paradise, to grieve with his family. Will his heart lead him back to Bridgewater and Annie Campbell?