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Into the Evermore

By Holly Bush

  • Genre: Historical, Books, Romance
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Eleanor McManus, upright daughter of a minister, is rescued from kidnappers somewhere in the deep forest wilderness by a rough and tumble fur trader, Beauregard Gentry. With his help, Eleanor makes her way back to her intended groom who declares her soiled, and she finds herself alone, pressured to make life decisions without benefit of family or others she can trust. Beauregard and Eleanor agree to begin a life together, build their legacy together, and their growing devotion to each other is witnessed one cold, crisp Christmas morning. This novella was originally included in the anthology Christmas in America


  • Good

    By Stanhop3234
    Fun, quick and cute read. Heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. I liked the characters, both strong in their own ways. My problem with it was it was a bit corny throughout the store, but I’m very glad I read it. Touching.