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Her Safe Harbor

By Holly Bush

  • Genre: Historical, Books, Romance
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1893 . . . Jennifer Crawford, the peacekeeper in a well-to-do Boston family rife with anger, deceit, and even treachery. A woman born to solve mathematical mysteries at a time when women were only beginning to venture from home and into the world of commerce and politics. Beautiful and shy, will she have the courage to face a scheming mother, and guide a father denying their familial dysfunction and his hesitancy to traverse the volatile economics banks faced in 1893? When danger threatens, will Jennifer Crawford triumph? 

Zebidiah Moran, Georgia-born chief of staff for a new United States Senator in Washington is reacquainted with his employer’s sister-in-law and is determined to uncover her secrets and guard her from danger. Will his sacrifices keep her safe? Will he be ‘Her Safe Harbor?’


  • Another wonderful story

    By Louisianablondie
    Did not disappoint. Terrific story continuing withthe Crawford sisters. Romance and suspense. Well written as usual with Holly Bush. A must read.