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Three Hard Lessons

By Nikki Sloane

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I am the woman men pay thousands of dollars to sleep with. I do what I love and what I'm so very good at. 

Then he walks in and drops $30,000. He wants to talk. And kiss. And take me home. 

In a single night, this man turns everything upside-down and has me breaking every rule I've lived by to keep men at a distance. I'm about to learn some lessons the hard way. 

Don't tease him. Don't give him boundaries. And don't think you get a choice in who you love.


  • Three Simple Rules, and Three Hard Lessons…..

    By esheltoo
    Nikki Sloane is a tremendously gifted writer- but enough about her. When you read these two books, you’ll find that out for yourself… that is unless you’re “dead”. If the intense sexual drama and magnetism doesn’t keep a fire burning in you- then you ARE dead, and you shouldn’t be wasting your time reading reviews. My recommendation to ALL others- READ them both!!

    By TanyaShanicee
    I think what I’m learning about Nikkis books is the father along in the series you go the better the books get. Holy moly do I love me some Payton & Dom! This book is SCORTCHING hot, when I say SPICY, I mean just that. I love how much she writes and displays relationships with different levels of BDSM in a tasteful way & also manages to develop a really powerful romantic story. Love love love!
  • Hot Hot Hot

    By IowaLeo
    Very erotic. Very detailed. Uh huh!!
  • Three Hard Lessons

    By kmmq
    This is an incredibly hot and sexy book. I had trouble putting it down. I got so hot and bothered that I had to play with myself.
  • OMG!! This book was HOT.

    By JennC724
    I absolutely love Dominic and Payton. This book was amazing. I thought Payton was great in the first book (Three Simple Rules) with the few glimpses of her. But I was not prepared for Dominic. He is scorching hot and he and Payton together are off the charts hot. I loved that Nikki Sloane showed Payton's struggle with her feelings and her journey to discover she was capable of being loved. Dominic is just so awesome and to see him come into his Alpha male side that is brought out by Payton was great to read. Nikki was able to keep me hooked on the story and I did not want to put the book down. If you enjoy hot love scenes with lots of dirty talk and kink this he book for you.
  • Hot! And in love

    By SammyGV18
    I loved three hard lessons probably a little more than three simple rules, only because I loved Payton and really wanted her to find her match and Nikki Sloane definitely gave it to her in the form of Dom! This book was sooo hot I read it in less than a day! Can't wait to read three little mistakes!