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The Girls from See Saw Lane

By Sandy Taylor

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'I loved this novel so much, even though it’s probably the most heart-breaking story I’ve read all year ... it will totally absorb you and capture your heart.That Thing She Reads

Brighton 1963. Mary Pickles and I walked along the street with our arms linked, looking in shop windows. We were best friends and together we were invincible.

Dottie and Mary forged a friendship over a bag of penny sweets when they were eight years old. They’ve shared everything together since then – the highs and lows of school, family dramas, hopes and dreams and now, at seventeen, they’re both shop girls, working at Woolworths.

As they go out in the world in pursuit of love and happiness, the simplicity of their childhood dissolves as life becomes more complicated. The heady excitement of first love will consume them both, but the pain of unintentional betrayal will test their friendship in ways neither of them could ever imagine…

A charming, heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting novel which brings a bygone era vividly to life. Fans of Nadine Dorries, Mary Gibson and Pam Weaver will love The Girls from See Saw LaneCounting Chimneys out now.

‘I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. It has all the ingredients for a perfect read: fantastic, loveable and very real characters, an emotional and compelling storyline, and a brilliant setting in time and place.’ Louise Douglas

‘Sandy Taylor has proven herself to be a very talented and gifted storyteller with an immense insight into family, friendship, love, and forgiveness…This is one of the most endearing, yet heart-breaking, novels that I have encountered in quite some time and will certainly not soon forget…Witty and humorous dialogue written with such ease truly brought this story to life and swept me away between the pages. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, you'll want to keep the box of tissues nearby!’ Kimberly’s Bookshelf

‘I have just started to read this one and am hooked! I love the vivid details of the time period and the closeness of the best friends.’ Weekend Reading

'I would recommend it to anyone who loves stories about female friendships, books set in the past...and for anyone who wants an emotionally stirring read!' My Bookish Ramblings

'A beautiful tale of friendship, love, betrayal and forgiveness and one that will stay with me for a long time to come...The Girls From See Saw Lane is a truly beautiful story that will touch your heart. Mary and Dottie will certainly live on in my head and my heart.' By The Letter Book Reviews

'I find it very hard to believe that this is Sandy's first book. This book is so well written...The relationship between the girls is very heartwarming, but also extremely heartbreaking, there will be times when you will need tissues at hand.The Reading Head

'I recommend this book to all who want to take a wonderful trip back to the 60's. I would give it more than 5 stars if there were more to give.' Library Thing

'When you read this book, be prepared to laugh and to cry (it gets really sad) … The Girls from See Saw Lane is a good book to settle in and read on a rainy afternoon.' The Avid Reader

'Wow this book had me laughing out loud one minute and bursting into tears the next..A massive page turner.Nat's Reading Cloud

'I absolutely adored wonderful and so captivating.The Book Cafe

'Will make you smile, laugh, reminisce and perhaps even cry a absorbing and charming read.' Portobello Book Blog


  • Brighton Girls Trilogy!

    By Kris Anderson, The Avid Reader
    The Girls from See Saw Lane (Brighton Girls Trilogy) by Sandy Taylor is a British novel (set in the 1960s) about friendship. Mary Pickles and Dottie Perks live in Brighton and are best friends. They have been friends since the moment they met when they were eight years old. Mary and Dottie are usually seen together with little Mary leading the way (by little I mean she is short). After graduating from school (what we call high school) the girls are working at Woolworth’s (they call is Woolies). Dottie works behind the cosmetic counter and Mary behind the candy counter (she is too short for cosmetics—no one can see her behind the displays). They are seventeen years old with their whole lives ahead of them. They are into make-up, movies, records, and, of course, boys. Dottie wants nothing more than to meet the right man, get married, and have children. Dottie wants to stay in Brighton where she grew up. Mary is artistic and wishes to go to L’ Institut d’Art in Paris (even though there is an art school in Brighton). Mary wishes to travel and has grand plans. Will their dreams come true? What happens when men into their lives? Come along to see what happens to The Girls from See Saw Lane. The Girls from See Saw Lane is told from Dottie’s point-of-view with diary entries from Mary. It is a simply told story and reminds of book I read when I was twelve/thirteen (we did not have a young adult room when I was young. So I meandered over to the adult room to find new books to read). It reminds me of books from the fifties. There is friendship, romance, and tragedy in The Girls from See Saw Lane. It is a lovely story and a nice change of pace. Since it is a British novel, there are many words that are unfamiliar or different. Most of them are easy to figure out except for the food and drink. I give The Girls from See Saw Lane 4 out of 5 stars. When you read this book, be prepared to laugh and to cry (it gets really sad). The Girls from See Saw Lane is a little predictable, but I enjoyed it. The Girls from See Saw Lane is a good book to settle in and read on a rainy afternoon. I received a complimentary copy of The Girls from See Saw Lane from NetGalley (and the publisher) in exchange for an honest review.