Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition - Stephenie Meyer by  Stephenie Meyer PDF Download

Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition

By Stephenie Meyer

  • Genre: Horror, Monsters & Ghosts, Books, Young Adult, Fiction, Coming of Age, Romance, Fantasy
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Twilight fans everywhere will adore this dual edition featuring an exclusive anniversary release of the first book and a gender-swapped reimagining of the classic immortal love story.
In Life and Death, readers will be thrilled to experience this iconic tale told through the eyes of a human teenage boy in love with a female vampire. Packaged as an oversize, jacketed hardcover "flip book," this edition features nearly 400 pages of exclusive content as well as exquisitely re-imagined cover art. Fans of Bella and Edward will not want to miss the opportunity to see these iconic characters portrayed in intriguing new roles.
The series has been praised as New York Times and USA Todaybestsellers, a Time magazine Best Young Adult Book of All Time, an NPR Best Ever Teen Novel, and a New York Times Editor's Choice. Enrapturing millions of readers since its first publication, Twilight has become a modern classic, leaving readers yearning for more.
It's here! #1 bestselling author Stephenie Meyer makes a triumphant return to the world of Twilight with the highly anticipated companion, Midnight Sun: the iconic love story of Bella and Edward told from the vampire's point of view.
"People do not want to just read Meyer's books; they want to climb inside them and live there." -- Time
"A literary phenomenon." -- The New York Times


  • So good.

    By Vhxhaiaocgvgskla
    Amazing book and as a male reader I love the change in perspective as compared to the twilight series, but the ending felt rushed. A perfectly good series cut short and she said she’s making no more :(
  • Awesome

    By Annita24
    I loved it. For me this story makes more sense than the original one. I would love to read more of it. I prefer Beau over Bella!!! Just my opinion.
  • Please write a sequel to Life and Death!!!

    By Rattenick96
    I know it was only meant to be an experiment for you, and that you probably don't intend to give it a full life as a series given how you said your let the reader make the ending but please will you write another it can't end on a cliff hanger of this proportion! It was so good I couldn't put it down during my holiday block leave from the army, please consider making this a series I think it would do well and give your fans another "twilight " to look forward to. (Or consider a continuation on the original twilight but with Jacob and Bella's daughter nessy's story)
  • Amazen'!

    By Heheehehehehehee
    Amazing, the only problem would be (SPOILERSSS) how they would have the baby. It's explained that due to women's... Ahem 'puberty' that a female vampire wouldn't be able to get preggers. But a male remains fertile their entire... Existence.?? Or would it be life..?ANYWAY that's the only plot hole I could see. Oh and the werewolf/shapeshifter thing would most likely switch roles as female being the dominant and make being only once ever heard of (blah blah blah) I'm just fangirlling aren't I?
  • Worst Twilight book ever!

    By Roseyposey310
    I didn't like this book at all. Bella and Edward have their moments where they are really annoying but Beau and Edythe are way worse. The werewolves all being girls I though was really weird. Beau acted like a girl and the writing I thought was really bad. I wouldn't recommend it at all. And the graphic novels are worth paying for either. It gave me a headache and I was majorly disappointed. If Stephanie is planning to continue the twilight saga I hope it's more original and written better than this.
  • Not Bad but...

    By Missjgoins22
    I could see where Stephanie Meyers was going but I was to say the least not impressed. I wasn't impressed with the characters and didn't think that the characters weren't developed enough. I'm still a fan of Twilight and I honestly wished she just would have done just a rerelease of the movie in the theaters. But, I gave it three stars cause it wasn't a total loss. Maybe for the 15 or 20 year release she do something different.
  • Amazing

    By Bob38374418$
    Life and Death was better than the entire twilight series in my opinion. Stephanie keep up the good work and write another one about Beau and Edythe!
  • Is it bad that i like "life after death" better than "twilight"

    By Jean1391
    I love Beau and Edythe, and the new version of Twilight. I am so in love with the characters.
  • Edythe & Beau!!!! I love it so much

    By Sofi the Dancer
    I read Life and Death and I love it so much words can't describe. Better than Twilight. Amazing. Waiting for another Life and Death book, pleaseeeee
  • Excellent Twist

    By Tomalaya
    Re-imaging the gender roles is great. Switching it up really opened my eyes. Edythe awes me, and the tweaks to the story as this goes along were both a great thought exercise and a way to open up a new vision into this story... and I really appreciate the afterword from the Stephanie Meyer.