On December 10th 2016, ROBLOX released another update where players could join groups and wear clothes representing their group on their backpacks. However, yet again it was abused by many users who used the feature for monetary gain. As a result of this, ROBLOX removed the functionality and shut down the "ROBLOX Backpacks" section on their website. On May 19th 2017, ROBLOX updated its backpacks feature which allowed players to join groups.[77]

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So far I haven't really enjoyed ROBLOX because of how serious it is. The game itself just isn't fun and is way too addicting for me. I know some people enjoy it because of how addicting it is but it just isn't fun for me. Why is that?

Roblox is used for many educational purposes. For example, students can use it to practice basic coding skills such as the keyboard, the number keys, and how to move the characters on the screen. Teachers have also found it useful for teaching basic physics such as gravity and force. It’s also used in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) classes at elementary schools in which students have access to do robotics projects.

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The next games that would allow users to invite others into their worlds were Habbo Hotel where they had their FriendBook and later on also added a FriendChat system in December of 2011, Club Penguin where you could invite fellow penguins into your world, and Mario8 since 2014. ROBLOX is the first game to allow players to create actual games that you can play online by using either a physical controller or just your keyboard. [124] The next game that would allow users to do this was Parkour Paradise on August 16th of 2012. [125]

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They have also created a website called ROBLOX Studios which allows users to create and upload their own videos to YouTube in order to advertise their videos as well as doing tasks that can be made money such as editing videos, building websites, etc.[47]

Although the app is designed for ROBLOX users to chat and connect further outside of the website, it also has additional features similar to those available on ROBLOX: users can play games together through group chat, use images and video to communicate with their friends, and create customized avatars for themselves.

In 2018, ROBLOX added a new feature called the Robux Exchange. The exchange allows players to trade their hard-earned coins for ROBUX and for certain items, which can be used to build games. To use the exchange, players must have at least 50 ROBUX in their account.


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