Many games on Roblox are online multiplayer games. These games require an internet connection to play and players earn virtual currencies. These currencies may be used to purchase premium features or clothing, which can not be obtained in game. Players can purchase these premium features using real currency such as iTunes or Google Play credit. A key feature of this application is that it allows the users to earn free Robux through online ads and offers, and then use those free Robux for in-game currency in many popular games on Roblox such as Roleplay World or Math Trade Schools .

ROBLOX has also been criticised for not putting up a good enough amount of effort to make ROBLOX itself safer for players. The site is not very well secured and has been known to have exploits since 2010, like one in the "Spectator Mode" which gives users complete control over other users' games with no checks or balances. It also allows users to upload executable files onto ROBLOX servers without any notification and allows them full access to other user's games and accounts.

On November 10, 2014, ROBLOX launched an invite-only beta for the virtual currency Robux. It was released to a small fraction of its user base whose accounts had been verified by Robotcrab, Inc. The currency was named after ROBLOX's mascot. All games and item purchases could only be made with Robux. The overall value of Robux is dependent on ROBUX exchange rates in the game itself; however, all players are guaranteed to receive the same amount of Robux (at the same time) regardless of their financial situation or how they choose to use them.

On June 21st 2017, ROBLOX announced that all spambots will be blocked. [70] Criticism: Roblox is frequently criticized for having a lot of children on the site. This criticism has not been limited to adults, but has also been aimed at the company as well. There have been several stories of people being scammed by users who receive no response when attempting to use a built-in feature that allows the user to block other users from messaging them.[71]

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Some parents of children who play the game have said that it is due to inappropriate content and language that their children are spending so much time on the site. Some of these parents reported being harassed by other players on the site when they themselves criticized Roblox. One parent said that far from being a "quality of life" game for his child, it was being used as a distraction to escape from reality. The following comments were made:

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Awesome! Roblox is SO fun! You can download it for free and make your own games with your friends... It's really fun and I recommend it to everyone!!!!!

The first product launched by ROBLOX was "Builders Club" on May 21, 2006 which allowed players to create 3D environments and watch other players' creations online. This product was followed by "Dance Off" on November 29, 2006. Both of these games had been in development since the launch of the website; "Dance Off" being originally named "Crazy Dance Fight". In 2007, ROBLOX launched a new line of products called "Roblox Toys". The first and only one to be released at that time was "Helicopter", which was shipped in December 2007.

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On July 3rd, 2018, ROBLOX announced that they were no longer allowing people to make custom models for their games. Instead, they would be allowing users to build blocky models that could not be edited at all. They stated that this would prevent the creation of custom models and save money by preventing expensive data transfers.[22] The change was made in order to clean up the game because custom models complicates the "Roblox experience" in some cases.


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