On January 24, 2010, ROBLOX released a new version 3 logo to replace the one that they had been using since 2008. The new version of the logo still has no color in it; however, it now uses vector graphics, as opposed to bitmap graphics on previous logos. This new logo also included a small R inside a circle which represents ROBLOX's focus on imagination and creativity.

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Roblox is a very fun game platform for kids because they can create their own worlds and game scenarios with a lot of mini-games and activities such as playing sports and fighting monsters. Roblox also has many free platforms that have educational purposes which mostly focus on teaching kids about problem solving, teamwork, learning how to share with others and other social issues. The players' avatars can speak their created languages or standard English.

To make money on Roblox is really hard for most gamers, because they need an account in order to sign up for an offer or do a daily ad. Also most offers only require 10 robux , which does not look like that much at all. The 100Robux app has made it easier to make money on Roblox. They may not give you 100 robux at once, but when you have 500 robux in game, another user may ask for 120 robux for an account or a shirt. That would be 60 robux profit. This lets me and other players make money off their skills, and in return they earn virtual currency which they can use to buy premium features or clothing for their character in the game that they are playing.

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The company released "Build a Buddy" in February 2018, which allows users to create customizable figures of themselves. On November 13, 2018 ROBLOX released a new version of its app called Ava (ROBLOX's Mobile Application). See above section for more details.

ROBLOX released a new website design on September 17, 2018 (9:00 AM). This update changed many things to help revamp the community and also for users. It includes a revamped chat, which is shown on the right. This update added many new features such as "Continuous Games" and "Better Chat". It also added badges for various events.

ROBLOX has also been compared to popular game Minecraft. In many ways, they are similar; both games have been developed by one company (Tencent) and are usually sold on the same platform (Windows, OS X, iOS, Android). Another close similarity is that they both have their own in-game currency system. However, Minecraft has a different style of gameplay relating to platforming; while ROBLOX players build and destroy using building blocks, Minecraft players explore a world.

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Roblox has been compared to "Minecraft" due to its similar graphics, game building etc. One of the most notable comparisons is the "Roblox Topia" video which can be found on YouTube. This is an instructional video on how to make popular "Minecraft" related structures in ROBLOX.


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