On May 29, 2015, ROBLOX decided to stop giving out high-quality builder's cards to anyone who has one of these cards, making it no longer possible for them to build long games on ROBLOX. This was the first time that high quality builders clubs were ever taken away from people who had them. On July 15, 2016, ROBLOX re-enabled the old low-quality builder's club and added another high quality builders card which can be used by anyone without making their game longer than 30 days. This update helped in the new Club Builder's Club Builder's Club Update which gave people who had builder's cards prior the ability to make their ROBLOX games longer.

In January 2015, the official Roblox Studio 2 was released on Steam. It allowed for cross-platform development with Windows 10. However, any existing games made with the previous version (R-Engine) will not work with this new version since it uses a completely different engine.

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There are two kinds of issues with Roblox development. One is syntax issues which deal with how the code works and how to make it function correctly. The other one deals with data issues which involve working with saved variables in games. Since users can change data, they are prone to having issues in this area.

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Farmville: This is yet another example of a game that doesn't really offer any value at all but still manages to make a ton of money. It's a very bizarre concept which involves fun because you think you're going to become rich by buying fake farm products and selling them or you can become popular by posting pictures of your fake farm products and getting attention from people who want similar things. I mean, if this is what people want then it's really no different than Roblox except with Farmville you're dealing with real money.

Hacking Roblox is not only limited to hacking a person's account by using someone else's information. There are also methods of hacking Roblox accounts that do not involve stealing another person's information. One of the more simple ways of hacking Roblox accounts is through DDoS attacks. An attacker uses a botnet and sends out requests for data on the target's server, causing it to become overwhelmed and crash. This can be done to any website, including Roblox.

On November 1, 2015, Roblox was officially sued for copyright infringement by Joshua Moskowitz, also known as "Dr. J". The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and details how parts of "The Maze Runner" were used to create a ROBLOX game called "The Maze." The lawsuit alleges that Dr. J is notifying every author use of his game engine to give them the opportunity to either take down their games or have a section added to his website.

One of ROBLOX's main rivals is Tencent, a Chinese company. The two companies even share employees and developers, including the current admin. ROBLOX as well as Tencent are often compared to each other due to their similarities.

In 2018, ROBLOX announced that it will be taking a chunk of its earnings and give it to the developers among them. Some developers are making over $5,000 USD per month using ROBLOX. Roblox has had two cases with Microsoft. Roblox was originally banned from Xbox Live due to the game running advertisements which violated Microsoft's Terms of Service by being inappropriate for children. The ads contained anime-style nudity and extreme gore. This was later changed however when Roblox reached an agreement with Xbox Live regarding the matter between them.


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