On May 24th 2019, ROBLOX announced another update for their Studio 2.1 version. This update, known as "Studio 2.1.1", was released to the public on May 31st 2019.[98] Like many other platforms, ROBLOX also has an adult chat system. This is usually used by roleplayers and other users who wish to talk about mature topics freely. However, players have abused this feature by advertising Roblox pornography websites or trolling innocent users.[99] Some users have also used the system to claim that their username is "Not suitable for children" or use inappropriate usernames in order to get attention from others.[100] It is unknown whether ROBLOX will ever remove this feature from their platform.

Roblox is old and not as great as Minecraft anymore but still fun. Roblox has many glitches on the new models which makes it unplayable. Some of the old content when you log in there is not working.

On January 2nd, 2019, Studio 2.0 was released to the public.[92] On January 7th 2019, ROBLOX announced that they would be releasing a more complex version of this feature in the near future. On January 16th 2019, ROBLOX released "Studio 2.1" which contained many minor fixes and new improvements.[93] On January 20th 2019, ROBLOX announced a new script where users can use to test their games if they have any performance issues. They also stated that there has been complaints about laggy games on their website that causes players to lose interest in playing them.[94]

On August 31, 2017, there was a large lawsuit that ROBLOX was involved in. The user "Bella Thorne" had an unverified account that was deleted by ROBLOX due to copyright claims, although these claims were proven false. Then, the account was deleted and the user made a video about how her account got taken down, where she shows screen caps of some users who hate her on the website, as well as saying several bad words such as foul language and racial slurs.

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There is a rare item that can be found in some games called "the orb" which is a blue orb looking like thing. It comes from a sound that the game creator puts in the game and if you get it,it can be used as an attack to kill the enemy with or to do other stuff like make you invincible. The orb is very rare to get so it is not really good to use if you do not want to waste the item,but I think that this item should be more common,so we don't have to spend too many robux on it.

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ROBLOX has been used in many digital projects. It was also created into the game "Pack for Hire" on the Apple App Store. The game is about viruses and viruses are put into a ROBLOX box and then put onto the other computer to infect it.

On July 3rd, 2018, ROBLOX announced that they were no longer allowing people to make custom models for their games. Instead, they would be allowing users to build blocky models that could not be edited at all. They stated that this would prevent the creation of custom models and save money by preventing expensive data transfers.[22] The change was made in order to clean up the game because custom models complicates the "Roblox experience" in some cases.

Roblox has been criticized for the number of advertisements in their games. In 2016, the company stated that one of their games had over 5 million advertisements. They also stated that over 18% of the players would click on the advertisements.


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