As of April 2018, there are over 2,000 games on Roblox. Many of them are "clones" of other players' games made by other players, which can lead to copyright issues if the original creators do not want to share their work. Players may be able to report these games as well as block people who play them from their online profiles or in-game friends list. Some games have caused controversy with their focus on violence, sexuality and racism. However, Roblox staff have stated that the problem lies in the people who play these games, not in the games themselves.

ROBLOX has been accused of copyright infringement multiple times by numerous people, most notably after the company decided to include music of band Crystal Castles in their popular game The Longest Day.

In January 2015, the official Roblox Studio 2 was released on Steam. It allowed for cross-platform development with Windows 10. However, any existing games made with the previous version (R-Engine) will not work with this new version since it uses a completely different engine.

ROBLOX has also joined and partnered with other websites that are similar to it such as Minecraft (Minecraft in ROBLOX) and Robloxian (Minecraft on ROBLOX). These games include games such as MinexCraft, the Grand Theft Auto series, My Top Games, and many others.

Roblox could be better in one way by adding new games. I saw that tons of people were posting on the forum that they want a new game to play not a great way to spend your time, like if the game was updated and you can play it again, or just say your opinion about what you would like to see in the next update because there are many gamemakers that ask for ideas on a game app idea. or have a contest for ideas.

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On October 4th, 2018, Roblox introduced a new game mode called "Elevate", which had players build futuristic skyscrapers in the sky. Players were able to earn money by selling their custom skyscrapers for Robux. It was soon discovered that many of these buildings were copies from the game "Survival Island", prompting ROBLOX to ban users who had copied these buildings.[79]

Premium game mechanics can also be implemented in free games. However, due to the fact that all premium features are only available in Builder's Club, in most cases they will if there is no way for the developer to obverse this from a third-party mod or script perspective, then it can only be done via a Builders Club Premium [63].

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