On February 11, 2017, ROBLOX announced that they would be suing the website of DinoGaming Network for copyright infringement.[5] It was revealed that DinoGaming Network was using ROBLOX models with permission from their owners. However, DinoGaming's policy on asking for permission to use a model is so loose that any user could have given them permission without knowing it. On March 7th, 2016 the lawsuit ended with a settlement and $7,500 awarded to ROBLOX. [6]

Trivia In 2014, ROBLOX created a game called "Tank Trouble" that was very similar to the popular game "Minecraft". This caused a lot of people to leave ROBLOX due to the lack of creativity and stealing other companies ideas. Later on, Minecraft and ROBLOX started exploring ways to work together which ended up in creating an official version of Minecraft on ROBLOX as well as adding multiple features from Minecraft into their site. The official version is called "Bloxburg" and the unofficial version is called "Roxburgh".

In early 2016, Roblox released an update that removed the "Customize" section from the User Interface. This introduced a new UI, which can be viewed here: Roblox Main Page. The new UI has many features that were previously built into the program such as a Store and a Help area.

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Users actually generally hate ads on ROBLOX, but they do them anyway for there own benefit and gain. Ads are actually a great way of generating revenue for ROBLOX, mostly because they only show up when you have enough money to be annoyed with the ads.

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Good for improving cognitive function. There are a lot of games on roblox that can actually help your child improve their cognitive function, such as games such as the "Maze" game which can increase their motor skills. This certainly makes it a better option than other games available, such as GTA 5!

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In 2014, ROBLOX created a partnership with the National Football League (NFL) that allowed users to make digital representations of each NFL team and play Madden NFL in-game tournaments. This has created an online community for Madden fans to play against other players across the United States and Canada. On April 30th 2018 ROBLOX released a new version of its app called Ava. Ava serves to help players craft more interesting games from their favorite video games and cartoons. ROBLOX is the only stop-motion animated game where players can make their own characters in a game and then animate them. Ava has features such as a desktop workspace, a top toolbar that allows users to interact with other Ava users, and a snap menu that allows users to snap any two blocks together to create new shapes or new objects.

I just wish we could have stuff like spoons on roblox and we could make furniture like tables and chairs or a cabinet and some chairs for our avatar. Also I want to be able to make my own game make it like Roblox survival! Please please please update roblox so that we can have stuff like spoons and a table and chairs for our avatar thank you. When there is an update that takes away all the content from one of the games I played, it's sad because I enjoyed it... And other people enjoyed it too.


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