On November 1, 2015, Roblox was officially sued for copyright infringement by Joshua Moskowitz, also known as "Dr. J". The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court and details how parts of "The Maze Runner" were used to create a ROBLOX game called "The Maze." The lawsuit alleges that Dr. J is notifying every author use of his game engine to give them the opportunity to either take down their games or have a section added to his website.

Roblox has been criticized by parents for issues such as allowing players to have relationships with other users through the game, and allowing players to (unsuspecting) "friend" hackers. Other criticisms include consuming large amounts of bandwidth, and not being child-friendly. The site has been removed from school computers in order to protect children.

On December 18th, 2019, ROBLOX announced their controversial decision on how they plan on handling moderators in the future.[106] This caused controversy within the community as many moderators believed they wouldn't be able to perform their job correctly due to ROBLOX's change of plan.

How about having a system where you can trade other players items and for their items you can trade them... and also it would be better if someone was able to get ban for inappropriate activity but at least it would give them an option to choose from and no one should be allowed to use excessive exp which is currently going very bad in the game... How about aswell have a better chat message system as well as on roblox the roleplay activity is pretty dead....

However, there is no way to directly transfer items or coins between accounts unless both parties are friends with each other on ROBLOX; however they can work around this by transferring the item to a shared place and trading the item from that point.

Even though ROBLOX replaced many of its assets with assets from Awaited Studios for being sued by Dr. J for copyright infringement, ROBLOX did not do this to avoid paying royalties for all of the money that was earned by users who were using their assets in other games.

As of September 13th, 2018, ROBLOX has officially released the feature for all users.[86] On October 1st 2018, ROBLOX added an update which allowed players to make comments and rate their favorite games and places. The company claims that this feature was added to make it easier for players to find games that they actually enjoy playing.

Users actually generally hate ads on ROBLOX, but they do them anyway for there own benefit and gain. Ads are actually a great way of generating revenue for ROBLOX, mostly because they only show up when you have enough money to be annoyed with the ads.

During the time when Roblox was first being developed (2004–2007), there were a small number of games created that were designed to troll or harass other user accounts on the game platform. Trolls could take advantage of the limited moderation tools and exploit loopholes in the "Terms of Service" and "Community Guidelines".

Robin allows its playerbase to make money through in-game ads. All the buttons can be clicked for additional clicks. The game also uses an in-game currency called ROBUX (Robotix) and replaces it with R$s (Robux). There are many ways to earn these ROBUX, but the most efficient way is through the sale of items on the game marketplace or through microtransactions. However, your account will be flagged if you decide to do so.


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