Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from I love it! Roblox is amazing! It is very fun but it does took a lot of time to get friends. Rolbux takes minimum 15 minutes to get a new account, and that's only if you have middle schooler's range.

On September 2nd 2018, ROBLOX announced that they were banning a group of players who hacked the game "Roblox Crates". This was done because hackers added fake scripts into some games. Roblox had removed all the scripts from those games which resulted in the ROBLOX network crashing.[84]

By Alice M , 2019-01-02

Once you have downloaded the app, then you can open it and see if there are any ads that show up. If there are a lot of ads, then I would suggest you to uninstall it and to download another app for your device. However, most of the apps that are available on Google Play Store don't have any ads so it shouldn't be a problem at all.

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Roblox uses multiple methods of advertising. They first started advertising on websites like Nickelodeon, but they have moved to focusing on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.[66] Roblox also primarily advertises at gaming conventions such as E3 and Minecon. Roblox has an official YouTube channel on which they occasionally stream live events called "Developer Live", where Roblox employees give sneak peeks of upcoming features.[67] They have also recently released a list of YouTubers that are apart of their Developer Program called the "Roblox Ambassador Program". These YouTubers are able to test new features in Roblox before anyone else with the exception of Google employees.

It's possible to use Roblox as a peephole into other people's accounts - this can be done by using third-party software like PeepHole to install backdoor with root privileges for the account. Because it has such wide availability on each device, it is an easy way for hackers to compromise multiple devices in one go. It was reported that 2-3 billion public profiles were compromised in Brazil alone in June 2018 and April 2018!

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