Rated 3 out of 5 by Anonymous from not good I have never played roblox before, but it's now my 3rd or 4th time playing and each time i load it, i get an error to say "login failed - 504". Rated 1 out of 5 by Anonymous from trash My user account got suspended for some reason. I didn't even know what roblox was until i got a message telling me that my account was suspended. That's it! Rated 2 out of 5 by Anonymous from To late Sorry I do not recommend getting this app. I only got it because I thought it would be fun to build a school and have students move in and learning the right skills. But that's not what this app is about.

There are already so many other games which really offer no value at all but still manage to rack up millions of dollars in profits. They manipulate players into becoming addicted to their games like gambling addicts by design. At least gambling junkies have the option to take a break and decide when they will spend money and get back to having fun again.

ROBLOX also has a plugin called "Google Play", which allows any application made with Google Play's interface to be distributed on ROBLOX. The first release of this plugin was in April 2015, but there have been many updates since then.

On July 11, 2018, the "Custom Games" section of the website was temporarily removed due to a bug that caused players to be unable to see their own creations. The section was returned later that day.

I personally could work on my vocabulary by playing Roblox because they have so many words that you will need to remember. In order to remember these words you can just go through your dictionary or the game and see how many words are similar. This is also good for children because they can learn a lot of vocabulary while playing games; this is similar to learning about a new language in school.

The Free Robux application is compatible with almost every device, and can be used to play games on the computer or on your smartphone. This means that users can play games offline when they are not connected to the internet. The 100Robux app is compatible with the devices which launch in 2017, such as iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel.

Roblox has been used by various organizations for training a variety of topics. The United States Army uses Roblox to train teenage soldiers that have joined their Cyber Patriot Program. The team's mission is to create, maintain, and operate constructive team-based activities online via the game "Roblox". Outside of that, Roblox has been used in courses for mathematics, English, science, and history.

RoblEX is the currency used on many games running in the ROBLOX Universe, such as RarestMonsters and BLOXelation. It was first introduced in 2017 for the game Shooting Challenge 2.In April 2018, ROBLOX introduced a feature referred to as "LocalScripts." LocalScripts enable users to locally execute C# code in-game. They can be used to access the hardware of a device running the game, or manipulate specific parts of the game. For example, by using LocalScripts, developers can create weapons that change their firing rate depending on how fast you pull the trigger.

As of February 2018, ROBLOX has over 62 million users. [51] In 2017, ROBLOX added a new currency called "Tix". These Tix are used to buy Tickets at the store; the more you spend, the better prizes you get. These tickets can be spent on exclusive items such as Christmas hats. [52]

On September 13, 2016, ROBLOX launched its tenth birthday party along with an event called BLOXtober. The purpose of this annual event is to celebrate ROBLOX's birthday and give players badges for completing The Admin's tasks every day until October 15th. The badge is called BLOXtagger and can be worn on your profile for the year. The tasks were also modified to let you earn the badges by simply logging in every day. If you do not already have a badge, then you will gain one once you have logged in every day for two days consecutively. At the end of BLOXtober, ROBLOX held a contest called RoblXtheRave, where people were given a chance to win a large sum of money in cash by answering trivia questions that were asked throughout October 11th-13th.


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