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In January 2013, the Chinese government started an investigation into various MMORPGs to determine whether the genre was suitable for children.[58] The same year, Sigaty discussed the possibility of a Battle.net-like service for World of Warcraft.[59]

Not only that, but since "Robloxian life" lasts so long, many players have to pay to charge their battery or buy power packs and if players don't have enough money to spend, they can lose interest.

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Her parents did not approve of this decision and they started a petition on Change.org to get their daughter unbanned back on Roblox. They stated that her ban would be a violation of their privacy rights as well as an infringement upon her civil rights, as a minor. The family requested that Roblox reverse its ban of Arielle and instead give her a warning to stop future harassment, which she committed while playing "Minecraft". The petition received more than 50,000 signatures in less than 12 hours. However, it was then reported by users that the petition had been removed from the website soon after it began. As soon as the petition was received by Roblox, it was announced that her account would be reviewed and further action would be taken in response to how she had "been conducting herself online".

A user's membership is displayed as a number of "blocks" that they have in their account. This number can be increased at any time by purchasing a builders club membership which also unlocks other features such as custom backgrounds, avatars and other features like chat rooms and new games. The first block costs 99 cents, while additional blocks begin at $2.99 for 12 blocks. Unlike Xbox Live Gold and PSN, the number of blocks does not reset after you have purchased them, but keeps track of all the purchases you made up until you buy more blocks.

If that never happens then the servers are going to crash and the game will die. If you take a look at the way ROBLOX's developers are trying to make even more money, you will see that they do not want to add any real value to their games. They want people to spend real money for fake money (robux) so they're going to make it so that it's impossible for someone who doesn't pay for robux to exist within their virtual world.

ROBLOX released a new website design on August 1, 2017 (10:00 AM). This redesign changes many things for user convenience, also the entire site was re-coded from scratch to be more efficient. The creators of ROBLOX have a goal for ROBLOX to be widely used in all aspects of life and they wanted people around the world to have access to ROBLOX. To achieve that, this redesign is part of their overall plan which includes global expansions.

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