Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from The Best This game is amazing, there are so many games to do and you can create your own things on ROBLOX Studio which is the best place to make an awesome computer game which has a lot to do like build houses or build weapons or play games with friends. I love this game and I recommend it to anyone who loves games! Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from The best online game! I've played Roblox for a long time now. It's a unique experience of its own, and it's the best online game for anyone. I love this game! :)

Roblox has been criticized for bombing players with harassing messages that appear on screen. In 2013, The Washington Post claimed that they were able to set up a fake email address in order to send players fake emails. On November 29, 2018, it was announced that they had removed the ability for players to send fake messages and that they were working on a new update that would do this.

In late 2015, ROBLOX introduced ChatPads. These ChatPads function like keyboards for players with a webcam. The players can use a webcam to talk with each other as well as guests while playing the game. However, there are no audio chat functions. One feature of the new chatpads is that if you lock your screen when playing game, it will automatically unlock when you tab out from games to bring up your keyboard and chatpad features.

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In August 2017, a former employee posted a blog post detailing the company's "toxic" work culture and poor working conditions. The employee claimed that she was fired after speaking out about these issues and later filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company as well as several co-workers associated with her firing. The suit, which for the most part was dismissed, claimed that former CEO David Baszucki played an integral role in her firing as he forced the team to "ignore basic standards of professionalism". It also cited him for saying that "female workers in [his] office and in the tech industry were 'annoying' and should not serve in a high-ranking position."

HelloRoblox2 works in almost the same way as HelloRoblox. It sends you robux once you've uploaded a video on YouTube. However, there is a slight difference. HelloRoblox2 has been around for a while, and because of this, the robux it can send are easier to get. It generally only sends out 100-200 robux per day. This works out to about 1 free robux per week. If you're in a hurry, HelloRoblox2 is probably better than HelloRoblox.

You can unlock new gear for your character by completing different adventures or collecting coins from different obstacles in-game. The more you explore and play, the more prizes you get!

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Roblox has also been criticized for not having realistic physics. Roblox used to have a physics engine, but it was removed in 2015. The reason for this was because ROBLOX wanted to focus on improving their building features instead.[60] However, they later explained that this removal was only temporary and they would bring back the physics again in the near future.[61]


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