On August 31, 2017, there was a large lawsuit that ROBLOX was involved in. The user "Bella Thorne" had an unverified account that was deleted by ROBLOX due to copyright claims, although these claims were proven false. Then, the account was deleted and the user made a video about how her account got taken down, where she shows screen caps of some users who hate her on the website, as well as saying several bad words such as foul language and racial slurs.

I love roblox because it is filled with amazing games. Also, I think it needs more easy to download games and more new games. There are lots of great players that are making great games but they feel unappreciated because if there is a new update some other player comes onto their game and steals their ideas so that doesn't make them happy. I also think that there should be easier ways for players to get to private chat or opt out of chat but not everyone would like being in a public chat room which would only make them mad. I like being in a private chat room with my friends because no one else can get into the room and report us for saying bad words.

roblox is one of the most popular games out there on the internet for people aged 7-12, and it is pretty much all about building things with blocks in a 3D world. This means it is a game that requires strategy, thinking outside the box and creativity in order to have a hope at succeeding. roblox has been around for 7 years and has over 80 million monthly active users, making it one of the most popular games out there in terms of both quality and quantity.

ROBLOX also has a plugin called "Google Play", which allows any application made with Google Play's interface to be distributed on ROBLOX. The first release of this plugin was in April 2015, but there have been many updates since then.

One of ROBLOX's main rivals is Tencent, a Chinese company. The two companies even share employees and developers, including the current admin. ROBLOX as well as Tencent are often compared to each other due to their similarities.

It's important to note that ROBLOX has banned players for using the button in a false manner. If you receive a permanent ban from ROBLOX, your account will be deleted permanently. The only way to prove you are innocent of wrong-doing is to appeal the ban within 7 days of receiving it and bringing up evidence from the investigation of what actually occurred.

While this may be true for some cases, there are some individuals who make these videos just to deceive users into thinking that they have found a way in which they can get free robux for their accounts. This is usually done by editing the time stamp, making it look like they have gained several thousand dollars’ worth of free robux within a short period of time.

Roblox allows its players to promote their games on other websites such as Fiverr and UpWork. American citizens have to file an extension if their promoted games are relevant to them, but the rest of the world does not.

In ROBLOX, you can unlock the most exclusive gear by getting it directly in-game with a single purchase of ROBUX! But no one has ever figured out how to get it from outside the game! This is because all of the ROBUX you buy in game are for virtual currencies and have absolutely no real-world value. Whether you're a player or an admin, this is a secret worth keeping.

I wrote all of this because I really love Roblox and I just want everyone to have fun in game without worrying about the problems that are being posted above. I think some of the problems can be fixed like muting the people who spam and the moderators should be able to keep a better eye on the areas they are in charge of.


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