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Other things that need to be changed or fixed:Change the sound of the hook it is not loud enough and sometimes you can't hear it. So you just have to guess where the enemy is.Make an AMA thing just like Reddit but for developers so we can ask them questions and they will answer them. This will give players some more insight on why stuff isn't in game yet or why stuff is in game. It will also give players a chance to be more involved with the company and make them feel like they are actually doing something. This would also help with bug reports and glitches because then we could ask questions about what's happening and how to fix it.

5. Roblox should have a choice where we can only friend other users based on gender and age. 6. There are too many DLC's that do not allow you to play the game fully without buying them. 7. There needs to be an authority on the game just like there is one for Steam that will give out reports about inappropriate content as well as any other updates and problems that happen within the game such as glitches and server problems.

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If you play "Robloxian life" long enough, you'll notice that the costs really add up. For every point someone wins, the game will cost the player between $3-$10 depending on how many points are needed to win a double prize. Although this is not completely true for all games, it does affect most games so players can expect to spend a lot of money just for some points or winning prizes.

On September 22nd, 2012, a head developer from the website Games Done Quick sent a cease and desist letter to Roblox because they were using code that he had created without permission. This is one of the few situations where ROBLOX has deleted all of its assets to avoid legal issues.

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Roblox is old and not as great as Minecraft anymore but still fun. Roblox has many glitches on the new models which makes it unplayable. Some of the old content when you log in there is not working.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from It's really great and I love playing online with my friends. Its a really great game and helps me with my learning skills. I have lots of friends and we sometimes all play online together. It's like virtual reality but not really but still fun to play :)


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