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On February 4, 2016, Roblox announced that all "Spam" accounts would have their control access taken away for 24 hours. This was done following a warning sent out on January 20th.[69] Spam accounts created prior to August 10th 2016, will receive a permanent ban on February 5th.

ROBLOX has been accused of copying a lot of games such as FNaF World. Many of these games have similar gameplay and graphics to the point where it's hard to distinguish one game from another. ROBLOX has been criticized for not doing their own style very well, especially in regards to their graphics and unique ideas.

On December 4th 2018, ROBLOX added a new feature called "Workshops" to their website. The forums were flooded with many negative comments and claims that it was poor execution of a feature meant for building games. They were also accused of being lazy about implementing it into their website.

By Alice M , 2019-01-02

Roblox allows its players to promote their games on other websites such as Fiverr and UpWork. American citizens have to file an extension if their promoted games are relevant to them, but the rest of the world does not.

The next game that would allow users to do this was Parkour Paradise on August 16th of 2012. ROBLOX is the first game to have a player base where 70% of their players are between ages 10-15 and 30% are between ages 15-25.[126]

Chris Hutchins, the Vice President of Developer Relations at Roblox, has said that Roblox is hiring. The current number of users that have worked for Roblox is 17,000 and they hire about 400 employees each year.


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