In December 2011, a lawsuit was filed against Roblox for copyright infringement, in which ROBLOX is accused of copying the entire codebase and game assets of "Infinity: The Quest to the End of the Universe". A cease and desist was also filed against ROBLOX in September 2012 by a head developer from the website Games Done Quick for using their copyrighted content without permission.

One example of a troll game, created in 2005, was "Uppercut". This involved players being knocked into the air when they attempted to create their character. However, when the player hits the ground, they were shown a message saying that the creator of this game had disabled their inventory and that they had been defeated.

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In 2006, David Baszucki, an MIT graduate and former robotics engineer, teamed up with co-founder Erik Cassel to create a game for the iPhone. After using the iPhone prototype to showcase the technology at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in 2008, they partnered with Roblox Corporation to develop a new platform for their ideas. In April 2009 they founded Roblox Corporation to create games and developer tools on Roblox. Both were inspired by Lego and video games.

The ROBLOX site and forum have received a lot of criticism from its users regarding many issues, such as: Administrators are able to delete user-created games without warning or notice. Users can't defend themselves since the only way they could do so is by contacting an administrator or lawyer. Administrators can ban users for doing anything they don't like or don't agree with. However, administrators have been known to ban users for no reason at all, usually if the user is a moderator or an insignificant/low-level user.

Afterwards, ROBLOX began taking action on these cases and will be using an automated system to monitor all transactions for suspicious activity.[43]ROBLOX has also been known to restrict the number of items that a player can sell. This is because many people would sell off too much of their collection to gain more currency, which can make it harder for other players to find popular items.[44]

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The game is not free of problems and some of them are still not being fixed. The profit issues that confront the company have been allocated to one person, Travis, who is given a large portion of the income. This is unfair as most players have less than $5 in their account.

In 2016 Roblox sponsored an event at The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh to raise money for charity (Watsi). This was called Roblox Builders Club: Mutliplayer Tournament which raised over $6,000 for charity water.

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