ROBLOX has been criticized for being a scam. This is because many users have claimed that they are scammed by ROBLOX. One of these scams was when a user named "Brianna" was falsely accused of selling copied items, which caused the price of an item to go from $10-$20 to $50-$100 overnight.[50]

A group of Roblox players petitioned against the aforementioned avatar update for over two years before it was actually implemented. The change, in which the user could add or remove tattoos to their avatar, would allow them to earn more money as these tattoos could be sold to other players. Since some controversial tattoos were associated with this feature, some users were vehemently against the implementation of this change.

The "ROBLOX" logo was created by the company's CEO and founder David Baszucki in 1996, when he was originally designing the website's layout before it was launched. He designed the logo to look similar to the word "engine" on a train, as he envisioned ROBLOX to be a playground powered by an online community where users could create virtual worlds. The first iteration of the logo consisted of an orange square that displayed three green horizontal stripes, each separated by a white space. The stripes were arranged in a way that would yield nine pixels when all three were equally spaced. A basic version of the logo was used until 2003.

The community is somewhat mature. As far as social media goes, I do not personally think that roblox holds much of a candle in terms of maturity when compared to the likes of Twitter or Facebook - but it certainly does not have the childish undertone that you would find on other sites such as Instagram or snapchat either. It has a decent kid-friendly community that is mostly neutral.

ROBLOX released the "Achievements" update on June 20, 2017. This update introduced many new features for games, such as achievements, friends-lists, and more. Players can earn rewards by accomplishing certain tasks within their games and taking a screenshot to get them.

On April 27, 2018, ROBLOX released its own virtual reality headset on their website known as the "ROBLOX Visor." The headset is created in collaboration with Carl Zeiss AG. The headset has a retail cost of $99 USD and comes with an HD screen capable of playing 2D and 3D content. The headset was also officially launched at E3 2018.

On December 4th 2018, ROBLOX added a new feature called "Workshops" to their website. The forums were flooded with many negative comments and claims that it was poor execution of a feature meant for building games. They were also accused of being lazy about implementing it into their website.

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During the time when Roblox was first being developed (2004–2007), there were a small number of games created that were designed to troll or harass other user accounts on the game platform. Trolls could take advantage of the limited moderation tools and exploit loopholes in the "Terms of Service" and "Community Guidelines".


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