This is not an open world game, each world contains its own mini-map that shows the player where he or she can go and where they cannot go. No one will know you're there if you stay hidden. This means that if you don't want someone to find something in your inventory, you have a location to hide it.

On September 22nd, 2012, a head developer from the website Games Done Quick sent a cease and desist letter to Roblox because they were using code that he had created without permission. This is one of the few situations where ROBLOX has deleted all of its assets to avoid legal issues.

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A user named "Dragongirl" did a Twitter poll in June 2017 asking users their thoughts on the matter. Of her followers, 46% responded that they think that there are not enough female employees at Roblox and 64% responded that they think Roblox should have less white males working for them.

On January 12th 2019 RoBoX Studios uploaded a video of them waving in front of cameras. The description of the video said "Moped Wave" and there was a picture of the thumbnail saying "Moped Wave". Fans thought it was an advertisement for one of potential future projects. A few days later they uploaded a second video called "RoBoX Studios". This time they were counting to 12 in front of cameras with different colored backgrounds. On January 22nd 2019, after over a month, they have uploaded another video titled "RōBux". The description teased about a possible RōBux 2, which is a mini game in ROBLOX which is cash oriented. On February 18th 2019, they have posted another video titled "RSK", which is short for ROBLOX Studio Kit. This video showed three new projects that were planned to be released with tips on how to create them. On February 19th 2019, they had uploaded yet another video titled "ROBUX". This was a video where it showed a projected page about ROBLOX and what people play. The description read "ROBLOX has more than 200 million users who love playing Roblox games! Which is why next week we will be releasing RSK - the new Roblox Studio kit! It will feature tons of cool features and tools you can use to make awesome 3d games. Keep an eye out for RSK next week. The post was then deleted, then the video was deleted, likely to stop rumors and speculation of a new studio kit.[48] On February 26th 2019, they released RSK to the public under build mode.[49]

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