The game's objective revolves around collecting coin cards for use in quests with matches to earn rewards and spin a slot machine that can lead to bonus levels, cards, or extra items in the form of coins or boosts.",

In 2014 Moon Active launched a Kickstarter campaign asking for $8,000 to help progress development of Coin Master on PC platforms. It reached its target and the developers also received additional funding from a Jewish organization to support their work developing "Coin Master". A Minecraft version of Coin Master was also created by Mojang (Minecraft) in 2015, which is available to players free of charge via Minecraft Realms.",

In August 2015 Moon Active announced that they had partnered with Amazon to create what appears to be a new version of Coin Master for release on Amazon Fire tablets in 2017. No other details were revealed, however an official announcement video was released later that month.",

Some users have also criticized the game for not being as user friendly as other games. The developer justifies this by saying that they don't believe in making their game overly simplistic, but do plan to release more tutorials. It was also stated that the game does not include any missions or goals outside of getting coins and killing enemies. However, the developer states that he is working on adding goals into the future.",

If you want to play this fun and exciting coin flipping game, just click here. Coin master game is another fun and entertaining online game that will allow you to play in your spare time. This online game is very similar to 2048, but with a unique twist to it. It's a coin-flipping game, where the next turn can be the start of another new chain! If you love crossing your fingers and hoping for good luck, then this is the perfect online game for you. In Coin master game, we are able to get three chances every round which will make this an exciting yet challenging experience for players of all levels! The rules are simple: 1) Start or join an existing chain with two coins in it (a small number). 2) When you have a chance to flip, flip your coin to make it land heads or tails. 3) If you flip your coin and it lands on heads, your chain will add one more coin. If you flip your coin and it lands on tails, your chain will end with a space in between. 4) Keep flipping until the chain is empty or done! There are even leaderboards where we can view other players' statistics. Simply start a new game, then enter your name, and your stats will be added to the online leaderboard. Your score will consist of the number of chains, the longest chain number, how many times you've ended a chain by flipping heads or tails, and how many flips you've completed.",

In March 2018 the developers of Coin Master announced plans to expand upon "Coin Master" and other games they had previously worked on. The goal is to develop a wide range of games, focusing on Card-based RPGs, that will be released across a variety of platforms in both Android and iOS formats. They also confirm that they are working on "Coin Master 3", which will be based on the IP for Disney's upcoming animated film "Wreck it Ralph 2".",

The graphics in Coin master are relatively basic, but they are bright and colorful. The game is based on the concept of a treasure chest, which is where you keep your coins. The coin master himself is a bearded pirate who is dressed in traditional pirate attire, and his second in command (who helps you collect gems) is an orange fish wearing a top hat and a monocle. Another big feature of the game is that you have your very own pet fish which follows you around while helping to collect coins for you - these pets can be unlocked by reaching certain levels or using gems to take care of them. Their names are Chippy, Daffy, and Popeye - the latter two can be different depending on which pet you have unlocked.",

Users have criticized Coin Master for its monotony and reliance on making users pay real money to progress in the game. A user review on iTunes complains that it is "just another collect-a-thon with a coin motif". The developer of Coin Master has countered this criticism by stating that they do not believe in "pay to win" video games and hope to provide their users with a fun and engaging experience.",

Five "card packs" were released after completion of level 3105 on March 16, 2018 available exclusively through United Pixelworkers' Facebook page. The packs are currently only available on iOS devices, however they will be released on Android after the PC release of the game.",

Addictive by Rachie6666 on 2014/08/27 17:35 I love this game! It's so cool that you can have so many games going at once. You get bonus coins for each one. It's super easy and all I do is swipe my screen and I'm done. It's pretty fun and I love it!",


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