The developer of Coin Master has revealed that he is working on a "new" mobile game which is not based on any of their previously announced titles. However, a few news outlets have reported that this game is actually "Coin Master 4". This version will also include brand new characters and gameplay elements as well as updated graphics and sound as the development team seeks to keep the spirit of the original games intact.",

The Android version of Coin Master: Puss in Boots "(Kasegi 2: Bukimi no Tane)" can be played both offline and online. This version of the game contains advertisements which can be removed by paying $2.99 for an ad-free version. This version of the game has been downloaded over 1000 times and has a rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 on the Google Play store.",

"Coins & Curses Adventures" is a spin-off game based upon the popular mobile game, "Coin Master". It is currently in development and will be released in 2018 on multiple platforms. The game will be an "RPG style" adventure game set in a fantasy world similar to the "Coin Master" universe, however it will not be based entirely around coin collecting and instead feature many new gameplay mechanics.",

Great game but... by katiebean22 on 2018/03/01 16:32 The game is fun and addictive and I have lost count of the amount of hours I’ve played it but there are some major issues that need to be fixed. One is the chat room. Whenever I go into a chat room full of people I usually just spam my messages out hoping to get somewhere with one person. Well, I’ve gotten to the point that the majority of these people don’t even respond. It’s ridiculous that you have to wait for them to catch up with you in order for them to chat. Another major issue is the items. You see a lot of people wanting certain items but they aren’t actually available anymore. One example is a spell that costs 1000 gold coins and only gives you one use and it doesn’t replenish every time you win a battle. Lastly, there are a lot of glitches happening when I play the game. Sometimes my troops disappear for no reason and sometimes I lose all my troops even though I am still making moves on the board and it gets old really fast. I would rate the game a 5 but these major issues need to be fixed.",

The game was launched on the Google play store in August 2012. In December 2015 Coin Master was removed from the play store for unknown reasons but it continues to remain available on its own website. Moon Active announced in October 2016 that "Coin Master" was shutting down. However, in 2018, Moon Active released version 1.1 for iOS devices which contained support for 3D touch devices and some other bug fixes. They also announced another new game called Coin Master "Dig Deep" which is similar to the original Coin Master but has added features such as a virtual currency system and features much more content than the original game.",

The game's objective revolves around collecting coin cards for use in quests with matches to earn rewards and spin a slot machine that can lead to bonus levels, cards, or extra items in the form of coins or boosts.",

In April 2016 Moon Active announced they had signed an agreement with Disney to develop "Coin Master 3" for release in early 2017, targeting a Q4 2017 release in the United States and Canada. The agreement allows Moon Active to continue developing "Coin Master" alongside several other titles they have created including "Monster Park", "World War Monster", "Poke Monsters", and others. The press release stated that "Coin Master 3" will feature new 3D artwork, upgrades to the previous versions gameplay and a "remastered" soundtrack.",

The special edition "Humble Coin War" was released through United Pixelworkers' official Facebook page on September 1, 2016 featuring seven exclusive cards from "Coins & Curses 2". The package included four premium packs of cards for use on mobile devices (full version of the game) and two extra packs which were only available through this special offer.",

Overall I found Coin master to be a fairly quick game to play, although it is not as addictive as some of the other games on this site. I would recommend giving it a try for 50 minutes or so and see if you enjoy it before you decide whether to purchase it at all. The game itself is free but there are unlockables such as achievements and costumes which can’t be unlocked unless you decide to spend your in-game coins (which costs about $2 per million coins). You can also still play the free version of the game without spending your coins, but you won't be able to unlock all the achievements and costumes as you progress through the game.",

Creative and challenging by Houshk on 2014/09/21 19:18 This game is challenging yet fun at the same time. The levels are creative and well designed. To me they are not frustrating as some other games that don't really go anywhere or have too many different options to choose from. I love this game a lot!",


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