Coin Master is also available for Windows Phone 8 devices. The game can be downloaded directly from Windows Phone/Windows Store or from the official Google Play store. The classic Cardboard Mode was created by Andreas Förstl for both iOS and Android devices including but not limited to iPod Touch, iPad & iPhone. It was inspired by various arcade games that would allow players to play with their own heads as a reference. Cardboard Mode was released as a premium in-app purchase for "Coin Master" and was available for Android devices on Google Play on August 14, 2015. The iOS version of the app has been removed from the App Store.",

"Coin Master" was chosen as a finalist for Best Mobile Game in the 2015 Independent Games Festival Awards under categories of Strategy/Tactics, Casual, and Family. At E3 2015 Moon Active were nominated for Best Mobile Game by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) for their work on "Coin Master".",

Coin Master is an "arcade" game that is free to play and does not require the user to pay in order to advance through the levels. Though in-game advertisements were initially planned, Moon Active decided not to use them, making it possible for users to download Coin Master without being interrupted by ads. Instead, they opted for micro transactions and an ad-free version. The developer explains this decision by stating that he does not believe in offering a pay-to-win type game.",

The table was released for PC and iOS on December 18th, 2016. The full version available for purchase is the enhanced mode featuring 20 additional levels as well as the arcade mode which contains 60 additional levels. The Android version is planned to be released in January 2018.",

Coin Master is a game app for mobile devices. The game has spun off into a collectible card trading card game which is created by the makers of the original Coin Master Game. The app is free to download and it’s available on Android, iOS and Windows.",

"Coins & Curses Adventures" is a spin-off game based upon the popular mobile game, "Coin Master". It is currently in development and will be released in 2018 on multiple platforms. The game will be an "RPG style" adventure game set in a fantasy world similar to the "Coin Master" universe, however it will not be based entirely around coin collecting and instead feature many new gameplay mechanics.",

This game features eight "coin tokens" which represent fruits, vegetables, and animals. Players collect these coins during the gameplay to earn points in the game. Three of the coins are represented by card illustrations; these coins are more likely to be found in chest rather than buried in the ground as with coins with illustrations of humans and animals. There are currently five sets available; one set is for each type of coin (four sets for negative coins and three sets for positive coins) giving a total of twenty-eight characters.",

Good game but glitches by lokeylovey on 2019/03/12 15:52 I love this game it’s very entertaining and fun! However, there are a couple things that I would like to see changed. One being the chat in the game. Whenever I’m in it, all I hear is people asking each other for gifts or sending each other back-and-forth gifting requests which is very annoying. I also have to say that the bugs are pretty severe. For example, I had a chat with another player, which I was supposed to be able to skip, however it turned out that you just have to wait for her. Sometimes when the game glitches during your turn, a few opponents can attack you at the same time and you will lose all your troops while still being on "your" move. Basically, it’s very annoying.",

Raiding by jdjejbdndjdkd on 2018/03/28 18:34 Ok so I love the game but I was playing in the classroom and I got attacked by someone else while I was playing it. And I lost all of my troops along with half of my castle. I didn’t make it through the game to see if my troops came back but it was just devastating. If you can make the game a little more fair like your secret messages and if there is a new army system that is way more fair. And if you do not want people to attack while you are playing. Then maybe put an option where we can play one by one in our own kingdoms or have a leader board or something like that? I really love the game but I think some stuff needs to be changed. Thanks if you can take into consideration.",

As part of the "Coins & Curses Adventures" announcement on March 8, 2018 United Pixelworkers revealed that four new characters will be added to the game. The character and class types have not yet been announced, however they will be based off of a theme relating to real-world maps; these characters were introduced in-game on June 29th through the mobile version of Coin Master. One character was revealed each day until July 2nd when all four were revealed.",


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