If you want to play this fun and exciting coin flipping game, just click here. Coin master game is another fun and entertaining online game that will allow you to play in your spare time. This online game is very similar to 2048, but with a unique twist to it. It's a coin-flipping game, where the next turn can be the start of another new chain! If you love crossing your fingers and hoping for good luck, then this is the perfect online game for you. In Coin master game, we are able to get three chances every round which will make this an exciting yet challenging experience for players of all levels! The rules are simple: 1) Start or join an existing chain with two coins in it (a small number). 2) When you have a chance to flip, flip your coin to make it land heads or tails. 3) If you flip your coin and it lands on heads, your chain will add one more coin. If you flip your coin and it lands on tails, your chain will end with a space in between. 4) Keep flipping until the chain is empty or done! There are even leaderboards where we can view other players' statistics. Simply start a new game, then enter your name, and your stats will be added to the online leaderboard. Your score will consist of the number of chains, the longest chain number, how many times you've ended a chain by flipping heads or tails, and how many flips you've completed.",

The developer of Coin Master has revealed that he is currently developing a version of their title for release on the Xbox console family and expects it to be released by 2019. This version will also include brand new characters and gameplay elements as well as updated graphics and sound as the development team seeks to keep the spirit of the original games intact.",

The best game ever by katiecat23 on 2017/09/28 23:17 Best game I have ever played! It's so fun and addicting. I love this game. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who likes games like this. It's so fun and challenging. I can't even stop playing it! The only thing that I don't like is the fact that you can't keep all the upgrades you buy, and have to keep buying them again for each different level. It would be better if you could keep the upgrades forever. Otherwise, this game is truly AMAZING!",

In January 2018 Moon Active released another video on Youtube revealing that a version of Coin Master is also under development for the game platform Steam (by Valve Corporation). This version of the game is expected to include new 3D artwork, improved gameplay over previous versions and an updated soundtrack. In March 2018 Moon Active revealed that a new version of Coin Master was on the way to Facebook, however no other details were released.",

"Coin Master App" has been rated as 4 stars out of 5 on Google Play(4.6) and 4.5 stars out of 5 on the App Store(4.5) for both Android and iOS devices. It has also been rated as 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon(4.17).",

Good by Brenna🦄💛 on 2018/01/12 01:28 This game is pretty fun if you are bored at school or just don’t have anything to do your self. It is super easy and addicting, but you should really use the coins because the first time I bought it was only like 20 coins. It was fine until I had to get another one. I thought it was 50 coins, but it ended up being 100 coins. It is a little frustrating but if you have nothing else to do, then this is a great game and you should get it.",

Love this game by lisaa666811 on 2018/04/04 13:43 I love this game so much more than candy crush if you like building things or being strategic this is the game for you I highly recommend downloading it.",

It's a really good game by Smooshie on 2019/01/13 17:05 The game has great rewards and I like how it helps with your brain and teaches you math which is pretty cool because it shows you some cool patterns. The problem with this game in my opinion is that there are glitches in the app where if you get attacked your back gets "stuck" to where it can't move away from there. Also I think in my opinion of the game after you get used to it and learn all the moves it starts getting easier and boring. Also with the coins, I feel like there should be some free ways to make more money without having to pay real cash. Like when you log on or maybe even watch some videos for more coins. Overall it's a really good game.",

Great idea but... by Crhbxrra on 2015/06/20 20:56 I like this game but when you are done with your board there is no reason to go back to it and play again. This makes it really difficult to get more coins. The game should have a reward system that comes in every few days or something. I feel like I am just wasting time playing the same puzzles over and over without reward.",

In April 2018 Moon Active announced that they had signed an agreement with Marvel Entertainment to create a new version of Coin Master based on The Avengers franchise. The game is titled "Coin Master: Marvel's Avengers" and was designed by Moon Active in collaboration with Marvel Games. This version of the game is expected to be released for Android and iOS mobile devices in 2019.",


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